Join a Shinkage-ryu Bujutsu Martial Art Workshop, Tokyo

Voyagin 品质保证添加到心愿单
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In this Shinkage-ryu workshop in Tokyo, you can learn what “The Sword of Yagyu” and "The Sword of Tokugawa Shogun" is, and experience and recognize the fundamental quality of Bujutsu martial arts.


  • What is Bujutsu? You will try to experience the “Body Wisdom” by using the “Body Art”.
  • What is Katsujin-ken (the sword for living)? The sword for Yagyu-Shinkage-ryu is not for killing but for persuasion and sympathy.
  • What is Nitou (Two Swords) and Ittou (One Sword) as regarded by Miyamoto Musashi?
  • What is “Muto” (No sword), Yagyu’s secret?
  • The reality of Batto-Jutsu (how to draw a sword). Is Shikage-ryu totally different from other schools’ Iai technique? Wedraw a sword without raising and swinging the arms.

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