Take a one day trip to Nikko's World Heritage Shrines

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Nikko was a renowned Buddhist-Shinto religious center. Two shrines and one temple are registered as World Heritage sites, dating back to the 8th century. Let’s get out of Tokyo and feel the Edo shoguns’ great power by visiting the grand temples!


  • Visit to the most famous Toshogu shrine, and Futarasan Shrine which is thought to bring good luck for establishing good connection with deities, partners, friends.
  • You can explore the nature, breath fresh air, walking the forested paths. Enjoyable place in all 4 seasons
  • You can taste local yuba or tofu milk (bean curd sheet) dish for lunch.
  • Let’s take a tea/coffee break made of sacred water at a tea house in the precinct of temple. The water is said to be good for eyes and skin.
  • You can buy a talisman with the Tokugawa crest as a souvenir.

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