Hike in a town of Traditional Washi Paper & a Roller Slide!

Voyagin 品质保证添加到心愿单
ID: 7782

Visit a town called Little Kyoto, Ogawa-machi, to experience Japan! Find a traditional hand-made paper studio, a sake liquor brewery, a craft center to make handicrafts, a small mountain with a 203 m roller slide, a soba noodle restaurant!


  • You can experience Japanese culture by visiting a Traditional Hand-made Paper Studio, a Sake Liquor Brewery, a Craft Center and so on.
  • You can experience Japanese country life by walking around in a small rural town.
  • You can experience Japanese history by seeing traditional residences, temples and handicrafts.
  • You can experience Japanese nature with a guide who is knowledgeable about nature, wild animals & plants.
  • You can have fun by sliding on a 203 m long Roller Slide!

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