日本大阪环球影城Universal Studios Japan门票(官方合作伙伴)

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  • 立刻确认:现在预定即可几分钟内拿到电子门票!
  • 六个月有效期:预定日起180天内随时可以入园游玩
  • VIP特别手环Special Entry免去数小时长的排队烦恼,成为园内第一人!
  • 充分利用快速通行券!尽享USJ世界级游乐设施!(预订确定下一页可选推荐添加)
  • 还可以购买1.5日通行证!第一天午后3点后入园,次日全天畅玩!

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・ 大阪府湊町OCAT大楼1楼日本假日信息服务柜台

若您购买Special Entry特别进场手环,在Abeno HARUKAS大楼16楼领取后,再前往主入口处旁的「Studio West」。





・JR难波站OCAT(Osaka City Air Terminal)一楼服务台
营业时间 08:30-20:30
・关西国际机场第一航厦 国际航班抵达处 HIS服务台
营业时间 08:30-22:00

- 每一时间段限量发售快速通行券,也可能因为不可抗力因素停止贩售
- 快速通行券只在您预定的日期有效,预定后将无法更改日期
- 设施可能因维修关闭,若您的快速通行券包含关闭的设施,则可以从其他指定设施选择备选项目
- 有些设施有指定使用时间,快速通行券上会标示您的使用时间
- 若您因迟到而无法使用某些设施,我们将无法提供退费,您也无法更换使用时间
- 若您持星光票(下午三点后)入园,则无法使用快速通行券

Special Entry特别进场VIP手环及Harukas 300观景台入场卷信息
-从阿倍野HARUKAS大楼16楼领取VIP手环及Harukas 300观景台门票。Special Entry特别进场VIP手环也提供一组密码,以便在前一日告知您的入园时间。
-您必须在入园日期至少1日,至多5日前兑换Special Entry特别进场手环及Harukas 300 观景台门票券。
-入场券可以在有效期限内任意日期使用,但Special Entry特别进场手环仅可在预定的指定时间使用
- Special Entry特别进场仅限园区开放前,若您迟到并于开放时间后抵达,请于主入口排队入场。
-Harukas 300 观景台入场券仅限兑换当天使用
-Harukas 300 观景台营业时间为每日9:00-22:00 (最后入场时间21:30) ,开放时间可能偶有更动,请于观景台日历确认。在11月21日将会在下午5:00关闭(最后入场时间:下午4:30)


-小黄人 调皮闹剧乘车游




用戶点评 (500)

  • Awasya Awasya

    Thanks Voyagin Team

    It's super nice even I got only express3 Flying dinosaur tickets. We wait in front of the gate at 7am. Gate open at8.30am. We planned to go to Harry Potter first. We ran like crazy and when we get there no need to wait. After that we went to minions, backdrop,Flying dinosaur etc.

  • Shantelle Shantelle

    The BEST money I spent!!

    I highly recommend the express pass - it made the day incredible and so much fun! No stressful ques, or running to get on rides. Voyagin were great and easy to use as well.

  • Dhruv Dhruv

    It was great but very long lines, do not come on a weekend /holiday w/o express pass

    Was fun and good. LONG lines though, upwards of 3+ hours, do NOT come on a weekend/holiday without an express pass.

  • Danny Danny


    I had a fabulous time. The Harry Potter 3D experience was truly breathtaking, and the dreadman forest and Spiderman ones as well.

  • Casey Casey

    Amazing day

    Amazing place likedit more than Disney as wasn't as packed and was able to go on everything. Voyagin was best way to get tickets too

  • Luke Luke

    Fast and easy.

    The whole process was fast and easy. I would highly recommend it to others. No waiting in the queue, you just scan and go in.

  • Abigail Abigail

    Great Deal and Pick-up was easy to find.

    I thought it was worth it to pay for the 1.5 day pass. I got the lay off the land and was able to efficiently go through the park on my full-day. I coupled this pass with the VIP wristband.

  • marlene marlene


    no need to fall inline ,just showed our electronic passports saved on our mobile phone and went straight inside. we had so fun inside universal studio osaka specially harry potter .thanks so much voyagin. your services is really awsome and very reliable that’s why i always book my clients to your website👍👍👍kudos! keep it up

  • Lim Lim


    Easy to buy and receive both tickets + Fast Pass almost immediately making the entire experience smooth-sailing.

  • Meredith Meredith

    Universal osaka tickets fast pass experience

    It was good to finally get our tickets sorted for universal studios osaka. I did leave it to 2 days before so my bad! Although i felt the fast pass was a bit expensive we didnt get them for another japanese theme park and what a disappointing day that was. We only went the 4 express passes and this was terrific to be honest. We went on all the rides in record time. Do not be under any illusion that the flying dinosaur ride is for young children! Any way, i was kind of annoyed that i paid for fast pass 7 when there wasnt any left. I dont think you should sell something that you have nothing of. I think that is a strategy to secure funds and not shop anywhere else. I was reimbursed the extra i paid very quickly which was great. Though not in the currency i paid the tickets in which is annoying also. Would i used voyagin again....yes. They were responsive to my e mails, phone calls and reimbursement.

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