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Results 1 - 36 of 976 Experiences


Results 1 - 36 of 976 Experiences

  • Chandni Chandni

    Last Minute Tickets to Studio Ghibli Museum Tokyo

    Last Minute Tickets to Studio Ghibli Museum Tokyo Okay so first of all, this place is tiny and crowded. The experience, on the other hand, was WONDERFUL and definitely unforgettable. I would definitely go back again and am super grateful to voyagin for getting these tickets. Tickets are always sold out cause of the popularity. The entire place is influenced by Miyazaki's films so the tininess'll have to bear with it. You can't take any pictures or videos inside the place, but outside on the roof you can. I crashed into my favorite YouTubers it definitely made the trip MORE better. Behind me is the robot from Laputa's Castle :). Great movie.

  • Brendan Brendan

    Try Wagashi (Japanese confectionery) making & Matcha, Tokyo

    Try Wagashi (Japanese confectionery) making & Matcha, Tokyo This is an amazing class to learn how to make Japanese wagishi sweets!
    My partner and I were met at the train station by Yuriko, who had a sign, her instructions were clear and it easy to find her.
    After around a 5 minute walk to her house, Yuriko offered us tea to drink and started the class with an explanation of the background of wagashi making with a powerpoint presentation. Yuriko's English is very good and it was no problem communicating and asking questions.
    Yuriko was very helpful and went step by step in making the first wagashi sweet and was very patient. We were allowed to make the second one on our own, but with Yuriko's guidance when we forgot!
    Afterwards, Yuriko showed us a simple tea ceremony and our green tea went very well with the wagashi we had just made.
    I would highly recommend this activity as it is affordable and so much fun to make and eat your own wagashi sweets and watch and drink matcha.

  • Minori Minori

    Get Tickets for the Sumo Wrestling Tournament in Tokyo

    Get Tickets for the Sumo Wrestling Tournament in Tokyo It was totally different from watching matches on TV, I could hear the sound from 土俵(the ring), felt the atmosphere from audiences, the holl was filled with excitement once the match is heated!

    I went there with my parents(in 60s) and my sister(in 30s) at noon, ate 幕の内弁当(Makunouchi-bento) and ちゃんこ鍋(Chankonabe) for lunch, wondered around the small museum in the holl, bought souvenirs, started watching matches from 3 pm, we all enjoyed everything very much.

    Voyagin Team kindly worked, they managed to secure the tickets for me from my 5th alternatives.
    If you plan to go and watch Sumo tournament, I recommend you to book tickets a few month before, tickets are sold out very quick.

  • 丁琳 丁琳

  • Jermaine Jermaine

    Rent a Go-Kart and ride around Akihabara Tokyo!

    Rent a Go-Kart and ride around Akihabara Tokyo! It was an awesome experience however, the owner said we couldn't take any pictures and we had to put our phones away so I can't share any pictures because I didn't take any.

  • Area Area

    Private Tokyo Tsukiji Market Tour

    Private Tokyo Tsukiji Market Tour We had a wonderful exploration with Kiyoshi in the Tsukiji Fish Market. He is very knowledgeable and familiar with the operation of the market. During the tour, Kiyoshi also gave us some unexpected experience such as having chance to chat with vendor and wholesaler, and experience the tradition temple blessing. We highly recommend Kiyoshi be your guide.

  • Mikey Mikey

    Get Tickets for the Sumo Wrestling Tournament in Tokyo

    Get Tickets for the Sumo Wrestling Tournament in Tokyo The event itself was amazing. It was sold out by the final rounds so it was a good thing I purchased these early. The markup wasn't much more than list price so good value. And it was all as advertised: they couldn't ship them to a hostel so I had to pick them up myself. But the office is pretty easy to find in a district in Tokyo you'll be going to anyways. Thanks!! :-)

  • Joyce Joyce

    Reservation for Narisawa Michelin 2-star Restaurant in Tokyo

    Reservation for Narisawa Michelin 2-star Restaurant in Tokyo Thank for Voyagin for this experience and for making it possible. I found it very difficult to reserve a spot on the Narisawa website and just when I thought I was unable to book with the restaurant, I stumbled across Voyagin and they made the whole process seamless.

    Narisawa was an amazing restaurant and would highly recommend to anyone who can spare some extra cash to eat here. The service is immaculate and their attention to detail is highly commendable.

  • Garret Garret

    10% OFF Private Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market Tour & Enjoy Sushi

    10% OFF Private Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market Tour & Enjoy Sushi We loved our tour of the Tsukiji Fish Market Tour with Atsushi. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the history and current operations of the market. The private aspect of the tour was great because it was at your own pace, you could always hear Atsushi, and ask him questions. It felt like we were being shown around by a friend, not a large touristy group.

    Our sushi lunch was probably our favorite authentic sushi experience we had in Japan. Atsushi even helped us with other aspects of our trip outside of the tour. We visited around the NYE holiday, so he called a store that we wanted to visit to make sure they were open before we left, and gave us recommendations for ramen spots, and translated for us at a knife store. These above-and-beyond things make us wish could give Atsushi six stars - we would highly recommend!

  • Colleen Colleen

    Day trip to Odawara/Hakone from Tokyo by Shinkansen

    Day trip to Odawara/Hakone from Tokyo by Shinkansen Our Shinkansen (Bullet train) tickets were delivered to our hotel, making for one less thing to do upon arriving in Tokyo. Although purchasing Shinkansen tickets on your own isn't difficult, we left for Odawara in the morning and we were glad we didn't have to wait in line at Tokyo Station to get our tickets. Finding the Shinkansen train lines in Tokyo Station wasn't hard and once we got close we just showed our tickets and asked where to go. Once we arrived in Odawara we met up with our guide, Ren. Ren had been in contact with us before the trip and the days leading up to it so he had worked out an agenda for us. We had a great time at Odawara Castle and he took us to an amazing restaurant for lunch, for which he made advance reservations for us. Such a nice surprise. The entire menu was in Japanese, we would not been able to enjoy that meal without him. Amazing food at an authentic restaurant made hiring a guide totally worth it! We found it to be helpful that he taught us how to bow to shrines, teach us about the history of the Odawara Castle, and tell us about the traditions of Japan. Hiring a guide made our first day in Japan a day to learn and understand the culture and having a translator helped make this such a stress free, wonderful experience.

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