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Results 1 - 36 of 912 Experiences


Results 1 - 36 of 912 Experiences

  • Jennifer Jennifer

    Last Minute Ticket to Studio Ghibli Museum Tokyo

    Nwectkgacow9v6bdhufd For any Studio Ghibli fan, this museum is a must! It was great to see the characters up close. There's a little film you can watch as well that was super cute! We went on a Sunday afternoon, which was a bit crowded. There's a lot of displays there, but if you don't read Japanese, you can still look around and enjoy.

  • Mick Mick

    Reservation for Azabu Kadowaki,Michelin 2-star,Tokyo

    X9hwsqu8xjp3vxszqfnr By far the best kaiseki experience. The ingredients used are local delicacies that changes daily. The menu I expected to get changes when I went in. Well worth a visit for this hidden gem. Thanks!

  • Benjamin Benjamin

    Learn how to drip the best coffee in Tokyo

    Nkqpdtsladxrdwyj7jse Fumiko was very nice and explained very well all the coffee details. I learnt and practiced how to do a nice dripping and more importantly tasted plenty of coffee and was able to understand better the difference between coffee falvors from africa, latinamerica, and asia. Fumiko gave 100gr of my favorite coffee at the end. BTW the neighborhood is around 40 mins away from central tokyo, however it's a nice place to see less tourists and more japanese.

  • Kohan Kohan

    Get Tickets to a Baseball Game at Tokyo Dome or Tokyo Area

    Rrlm43bblhwyy3o4qk3a A great experience! The office is tucked away in an apartment building but their directions to find the place are well written and easy to follow. The ticket would have been a fair bit cheaper to buy directly but they removed the hassle. A great experience!

  • Shelby Shelby

    Rent Go-Karts and ride around Akihabara!

    Mef3q3v53uto4wlspqhn Great experience! Mario Kart in real life! Glad I paid for a guide too (additional 1000¥) My life is complete!!

  • László Krisztián László Krisztián

    Get Direct Bus Tickets to the Fuji Shibazakura Festival

    Ceinrsgrchhtcyhfpra3 The weather wasn't perfect, but I enjoyed the journey, it was great and interesting. The highlight of the day was the fantastic view to the Mt Fuji from the bus back to Shinjuku.

  • Christine Christine

    Experience dyeing textile at Futaba-en, Tokyo

    Z5dhrouzdcppfehz51w9 I had a lot of fun even though my hand was in a bit of pain from an accident. I'd use my other hand, but my non-dominant hand has poor coordination. The event was so much fun and I'd do it again. I learned so much and inspires me to do my own projects at home.

  • Christine Christine

    Experience a tea ceremony in kimono at Bonsai Museum

    Sq1laaqauizwwuxfa2ui I really loved this. I learned so much and the Bonsai garden is so beautiful. The tea ceremy was everything I hoped for and I've taken back so much knowledge with me. They family even has a very sweet shiba inu that sits near by side entrance where I exited.

  • Christine Christine

    Visit Sailor Moon Exhibition at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo!

    Trw363jaxfholunh4aeu I enjoyed every aspect of this exhibition. Wish I had time to visit the cafe after, but other than that, it was magical!!

  • Astri Astri

    15% OFF Become a Maiko (Geisha) Experience in Tokyo

    Jpyscrkojlxhhyqbdu0i This one is perfect if you'd like to have your pics taken professionally with Maiko's poses of course. I enjoyed evry single process from putting on the socks, the short-of-pjs, make up, layer-by-layer of kimono, the hair and finally the photo session. With little English (as most staff there), Aya (I think that's her name) managed to take some pics of mine then she also took some using my cellphone. Thanks so much for this unforgettable experience ;)

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