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Results 1 - 36 of 1036 Experiences


Results 1 - 36 of 1036 Experiences

  • Davide Davide

    Practice Kendo, a Genuine Samurai experience in Tokyo

    Ag8gt2in2msnfpgyyyhh My son (16 years old) wanted to try kendo. I was a bit skeptical about this offer (first time I use Voyagin services), but we decided to give it a try. It was a truly fantastic experience. The Master was excellent, patient, and very kind. My son has learned a lot, from simple exercises to sparring. Voyagin staff was always in contact with us to make sure that everything could run smoothly. Overall: 5 stars! I strongly recommend it to everyone!

  • Jen Jen

    15% OFF Discount Ticket for Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Tokyo

    Wd8tf3ig680kfqfmmkpq Show is short - made of 3 10-minute skits, but the skits are high energy, glamour, and excitement.

  • Aylin Aylin

    Visit Mt Fuji and Gotemba Premium Outlets in a day tour!

    Avwkvdxc8yxm4asxyuuz I really have enjoyed in my trip. Our guide was really friendly and kind. I recommend you to choose this trip for a day, but if you want to see Mt.Fuji from better side, you might not like this trip.

  • Christine Christine

  • Ophelia Ophelia

    Restaurant Reservation Service in Tokyo

    Psevuodq8q0r6i5gmkcp Very responsive, helpful and prompt replies. The Govoyagin team managed to get us a reservation at Sushi Ya at the date and time within two days of the request. Highly recommend the service if you need to book high-end sushi restaurants in Tokyo.

  • Dale Dale

    Learn to Play the Taiko in Tokyo!

    Mshodczuqndmbixnwkzw We had a great time and really treasured this experience. Our class was a bit crowded with total beginners and very advanced students, so we were split into A and B teams. Everyone was very warm and friendly and the instructor was gregarious and knowledgeable. Everyone should try this.

  • Dale Dale

    15% OFF Discount Ticket for Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Tokyo

    Wd8tf3ig680kfqfmmkpq Robot Restaurant is a really fun outing. The price is steep, but it is an experience you only need to do once. Our group had overseas tourists, long-time Tokyo residents, and Japanese people all together. Interestingly, there was almost no Japanese language instructions, menus, etc, but rather everything was published in English and all announcements were made in English. This was not a five star experience because of the expense and the very hectic and totally unorganized ticket purchasing/reservation area outside the restaurant. It was a mess, people were skipping lines, staff were not doing anything to take control, many confused people were wondering arotund and expressing frustration. Once inside the restaurant, things were much more organized.

  • David David

    Reservation for Sushi Jiro Roppongi, Michelin 2-star, Tokyo

    Obozm1crpg2m7tjyl3yn It's an experience unlike any other. You are in front of a master and I would suggest you to sit down, observe, learn and admire. We sat next to some lovely folks from California that were really not into the whole experience and Jiro really didn't pay much attention to them. He explained everything to us and we were the lucky ones to get away with a photo. Please don't take your phone out to take pictures. Your foodie self might gasps with horror even thinking about it but trust me, they will respect you more for it! Worth every penny

  • Wai Hoi Wai Hoi

    15% OFF Discount Ticket for Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Tokyo

    Wd8tf3ig680kfqfmmkpq What a fantastic ride! Definitely a highlight of our vacation in Tokyo. Couldn't stop laughing for the full 2 hours.

  • Salina Salina

    Join a Japanese Pottery Class

    Ra3vkfkyyuhov60ojuf2 Husband, kids (8 & 6) and I all enjoyed a relaxing time in this workshop creating our own pottery pieces on the pottery wheel.

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