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Results 1 - 36 of 60 Experiences


Results 1 - 36 of 60 Experiences

Reviews for Cooking Class in Tokyo

  • Helen Helen

    Learn How to Make "Soba" and "Udon" in Kawasaki

    Qpw6a4qzp9dbb4zfmysw Fantastic experience! Keiko is multi talented and speaks fluent English. She cooks, sews and does handcraft. Totally enjoy myself with Keiko. Will go back for more classes! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Liz Liz

    Explore Tsukiji Fish Market and Make Sushi and Sashimi

    Cihoxsqb6qqkrbkmpb57 Excellent trip!! Hosted by a lovely couple whose have great knowledge of the market!! They showed us a "secret" hideaway to see the view of the whole market from up high. They help us to buy fresh uni from their friend shop and where we used for the class.

    We used very fresh fishes to make sushi and sashimi...we ate fresh oysters and scallops too.

    Defo an experience and tour everyone should try to do

  • Elisa Elisa

    Make Wagashi! Traditional Japanese Sweets in Tokyo

    S4u1eakypktuse7nakqt Sumiko san picked us up at the nearest train station and explained everything really nice and coul speak english really good :) it was very fun and interesting and the wagashi turned out so nice! and of course very delicious :D

    I highly recommend this to anyone who likes cooking/baking

  • Jessica Jessica

    Make Wagashi! Traditional Japanese Sweets in Tokyo

    S4u1eakypktuse7nakqt Sumi was very friendly and professional. It was clear that she had prepared for the class, everything was immaculate in her kitchen and living room. She answered all of my questions - I had made daifuku many times before, so I asked several questions that she probably would not expect, and she gladly shared her knowledge with me. It was a very fun and educational experience!
    She provided adorable little boxes for me to take the daifuku and mochi home, as well as a pretty box to hold everything. It was a great 2.5hr~3hr class, I really enjoyed it and I would recommend Sumi to friends who are looking to get a personalized, authentic, hands-on experience learning how to make wagashi in Tokyo.

  • Alvin Alvin

    Make Wagashi! Traditional Japanese Sweets in Tokyo

    S4u1eakypktuse7nakqt Sumi san is a very chirpy and knowledgeable teacher. The whole session was very fun and I am glad that that I've learnt a new skill. Thank you!

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