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Results 1 - 36 of 53 Experiences

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  • Rafael Rafael

    Watch a Morning Sumo Training in Tokyo at a Sumo Stable

    Watch a Morning Sumo Training in Tokyo at a Sumo Stable The actual sumo training is very interesting and definitely worth going, but the whole experience could be better. Firstly, there was no explanation about the traditions in sumo and what we were going to see other than a very simple piece of paper with images of some exercises. Friends that went to other tours said they heard about the whole tradition of sumo wrestlers' hair dressers and even had the chance to try the food that the wrestlers eat, we didn't have that.

    Also, although the training itself is great and there is the chance to take a picture with the wrestlers at the end, be ready to be seated on the floor for 2 hours (limited vision if you have others in front of you) and with the guide policing if your legs are crossed appropriately. I would strongly suggest offering chairs for visitors. I understand that sumo rings are not a tourist facility, but for the price charged a lot more comfort and background information could be provided.

    Also bear in mind that the taxi to get to the venue will be covered, but be ready to know where to go and pay for the transportation to leave the place as this is not provided.

    I recommend going to see a sumo training if you go to Japan outside the tournaments' seasons, but make sure you read everything about it before online and don't expect the tour to provide much information.

  • Ashley Ashley

    10% OFF Oiran-Za Traditional Japanese New Cabaret Show

    10% OFF Oiran-Za Traditional Japanese New Cabaret Show This was the first entertainment show we seen during our trip to Tokyo. What an amazing performance to start of our trip! The dancers come to say hello and mingle with all of the audience members before the show. They'll take pictures with you, try to speak English, have conversation and are super welcoming. Although the show wasn't very long, it was definitely worth the watch! The stage moves and makes the performance more intriguing. The dancers are talented and even put on skits in their show which hits you right in the feels. It's enchanting and even funny at times too. The outfits are GORGEOUS! And who could go wrong with unlimited alcohol during your stay for the show? Everyone clapped along to their performances & it was as if it was a close-knit party. Great show, great atmosphere, great people. Would definitely go back again!!

  • Karen Karen

    Duel with sumo wrestlers and eat chanko nabe in Asakusa show

    Duel with sumo wrestlers and eat chanko nabe in Asakusa show When I asked my nine year old what she wanted to do in Japan she wanted to see sumo. So this day out was much anticipated and turned out to exceed our expectations. It is held in quite a small venue which is tricky when fully booked but allows for a very friendly and "up close" encounter. The host is fluent in English so no tricky communication - there is a display of training and wrestling techniques by the former professional sumo wrestlers and then enough time for all guests to take on a sumo wrestler. These are big guys who tailor their approach to their opponent - lots of humour and theatrics with the kids and women - sometimes a bit more serious with the blokes who thought they could give it a red hot go with a real sumo - but always safe and controlled. Food is apparently the daily fare of sumo wrestlers so like a homecooked Japanese style stew. Simple and sustaining. A great day out.

  • Sarah Sarah

    Learn Traditional Japanese Swordsmanship in Tokyo

    Learn Traditional Japanese Swordsmanship in Tokyo I have already practiced the movements on my own 10 times. It was fun, of course, but also surprisingly calm. Thank you, Takara!

  • Shigeru Shigeru

    Watch a Morning Sumo Training in Tokyo at a Sumo Stable

    Watch a Morning Sumo Training in Tokyo at a Sumo Stable Totally amazing!!
    It's a real unique and exclusive experience to watch professional sumo wrestlers real close in action. Feel so grateful after watching by knowing how hard they trained and their disciplines.
    Having an opportunity to take a picture with sumo wrestlers was so special, too :-)
    This is a must-do in Tokyo. I highly recommend!

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