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Results 1 - 36 of 190 Experiences

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  • Jason Jason

    A Deep Akihabara Tour

    A Deep Akihabara Tour My girlfriend and I were quite overwhelmed when we first entered Akihabara, as there were so many places to explore, very few of which were clearly labeled. Fortunately, Gamme was there to help us! She took us to many places where rare figurines, retro video games, and other interesting collectibles were located, as well as a maid cafe (where we had fun, though the food could have been better).

    Overall, I would highly recommend this tour, especially to newcomers to Japan, as Akihabara can be quite overwhelming if you cannot read Japanese.

  • Jason Jason

    Meet Totoro! Hike rich-nature Japanese countryside!

    Meet Totoro! Hike rich-nature Japanese countryside! This hike was a truly unique way to experience Japan's countryside without straying too far from Tokyo, where my girlfriend and I based the majority of our trip. Within one day, we saw many beautiful rice patties and crop fields, small rural towns, lakes, and shrines tucked away in secluded areas of woods. Our guide, Eiji, was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the area, and we enjoyed everywhere he took us. One of our favorite places was a tiny little green tea shop outside of Totoro forest, where we tried some excellent teas and sweets. We also enjoyed the hikes through all of the Totoro forests, which were quiet and not overly taxing. We would highly recommend it to anyone else wanting to catch a glimpse of the countryside (and of course Totoro!)

  • Melissa Melissa

    Customize and Enjoy a Private Half-day Tour in Tokyo!

    Customize and Enjoy a Private Half-day Tour in Tokyo! My husband, baby, and I had a fantastic time touring with Chika-san in Yakata and Ueno area. She was very kind, flexible, and knowledgeable about many topics! We visited Nezu Shrine, Yanaka Cemetery, and Ueno Park. We also got to stop by two amazimg stationary shops, a sweets shop, and had coffee at the park. She listened closely to my requests and made the perfect plan for us. We even had a great conversation about literature! Even though we were traveling with our infant, Chika made the tour enjoyable for all of us and was very helpful and kind. We had a great tour and hope to tour again with her in the future!

  • Michelle Michelle

    Kabukicho and Shinjuku Golden Gai Night Tour

    Kabukicho and Shinjuku Golden Gai Night Tour Highly recommend this walking tour for anyone interested in learning more about Japan. Not only was the tour very interesting and educational, getting to know Sally and ask her questions about Japan was awesome. She is highly knowledgeable and very fun! Thank you for a great experience!

  • Fang Liang Stephen Fang Liang Stephen

    Enjoy Shinjuku Kabuki-cho, Golden-gai Night Tour

    Enjoy Shinjuku Kabuki-cho, Golden-gai Night Tour Very good tour. Period

    1. Sakoto speaks good English
    2. Informative and gives u a Low down of the places
    3. Brings u around, shows you where to eat and where Not to eat
    4. Explains to u the signs and meanings around the entertainment district of Shinjuku.
    5. Not really strict about the duration of the tour
    6. Good recommendation of places to go and eat outside Shinjuku
    7. Good knowledge of sake
    8. Knows the bar tenders in golden gai , knowledgable on the themes of the pubs
    9. Talks like a Friend , not just about the tour
    10. Very informative about Japan overall !

    Would look her up if I come back to tokyo again !