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Results 1 - 36 of 1037 Experiences


Results 1 - 36 of 1037 Experiences

  • Raymond Raymond

    Spend half a day with a Bushido Master in Tokyo

    V0m9j6ruczhivs1iyzj7 It was so so. A lot of waiting around but also lot of cool knowledge. Too bad it felt like most got lost in translation as I dont speak japanese. Wish it was more actual use of katana than it was. Cool to see a real dojo and some old armours that was there. Would I recommend? Sure. Nice experience but could have been better :)

  • KaPo KaPo

    Get tickets to the Ghibli Expo in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo!

    Ngzd53itssnkiz8h9w5o It is the best attraction I have ever had before.

  • Rosemary Rosemary

    Reservation for Lovely Owl Cafe Harajuku, Tokyo

    Exgi560arn7kbtce8sc0 Was rather disappointed. We booked for an hour experience, but after seeing the Owls in a tiny room, we decided to only pay for the half an hour experience, which consisted of only 15minutes with the owls, and a complimentary glass of water...

    The owls were in Lovely condition, but the experience was really not what i thought It would be.

  • Ridzwan Ridzwan

    Get a ticket to your favorite music concert in Japan!

    Xp83xu2v68exokz3z19k Thank you very much to Voyagin for getting me the tickets. It was an amazing experience to enjoy the concerts. The seats were relatively far but i got binoculars in hand, so that works out fine. Really enjoy the concerts and it was a fantastic concert. Ordered the tickets from Voyagin and Voyagin sent the tickets to my hotel and I just need to pick up the tickets from the hotel lobby. It was the ease of transaction that I like Voyagin very much. And the replies and feedback on regard to questions of the tickets transactions were replied by Voyagin promptly. So, I will use Voyagin again in the future for further transactions. Thank you very much again to Voyagin for the tickets.

  • Kana Kana

    Reservation for Lovely Owl Cafe Harajuku, Tokyo

    Exgi560arn7kbtce8sc0 For what the experience was, I felt the Voyagin reservation fee was too much. I never received an address for the cafe. I wandered around the streets for quite awhile before finding the location. It was located on the fourth floor of a building, nondescript and hard to spot, and going by a different name than what is listed on the reservation.

    Once inside, I immediately regretted making a reservation. All the owls are kept in a small room at the back of the cafe. Their talons are tether to a short rope in various corners of the room. I don't know what I thought, but I guess I would hoping they would have more opportunity for movement or exercise. But no, it appears they are used as props for tourists all day. Good for photos. Bad for animal well-being.

  • Sireesha Sireesha

    Learn to Play the Taiko in Tokyo!

    Mshodczuqndmbixnwkzw I attended a regular practice class which has students practicing their Taiko. My beginner experience was alternated when they rested. I learned 4 kinds of rhythms.
    Takuro was very patient and helped understand the beats. He is good at English and can explain very well.

  • Sireesha Sireesha

    Enjoy Public Road Go-Kart "Real Life Mario Kart" in Tokyo!

    Z75mfovqcmwyquryqvvr This was one of the highlights on my travel to Japan. The nearest station is KitaShinagawa- 5 min walk to the Maricar office. As soon as I got there, I showed my International Drivers' license, took a costume and was given instructions on how to use the Go Kart. Very easy to use. We started by 4:15 pm or so and went around Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba, Tokyo Tower and Roppongi until 7:15 pm. Evening - There will be traffic to some extend, especially while returning to the store when the tour is done.
    The drive on the rainbow bridge was epic. I think we drive to almost 50 mph on that one.
    Do not forgot to wear sun glasses or some thing to protect your eyes.
    It is hard to get videos taken as there should be no distraction while driving.
    Try to get photos though!

  • Davide Davide

    Practice Kendo, a Genuine Samurai experience in Tokyo

    Ag8gt2in2msnfpgyyyhh My son (16 years old) wanted to try kendo. I was a bit skeptical about this offer (first time I use Voyagin services), but we decided to give it a try. It was a truly fantastic experience. The Master was excellent, patient, and very kind. My son has learned a lot, from simple exercises to sparring. Voyagin staff was always in contact with us to make sure that everything could run smoothly. Overall: 5 stars! I strongly recommend it to everyone!

  • Jen Jen

    15% OFF Discount Ticket for Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Tokyo

    Wd8tf3ig680kfqfmmkpq Show is short - made of 3 10-minute skits, but the skits are high energy, glamour, and excitement.

  • Aylin Aylin

    Visit Mt Fuji and Gotemba Premium Outlets in a day tour!

    Avwkvdxc8yxm4asxyuuz I really have enjoyed in my trip. Our guide was really friendly and kind. I recommend you to choose this trip for a day, but if you want to see Mt.Fuji from better side, you might not like this trip.

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