Things to do 13 Romantic things to do in Kyoto for Couples

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  • Michelle Michelle

    See Kyoto's best sakura cherry blossom spots!

    See Kyoto's best sakura cherry blossom spots! We were not disappointed. As we arrived japan had a cold snap which delayed the cherry blossoms in most areas we travelled to. The areas we were taken to were beautiful as some trees were in full blossom and some in partial. Our guide, Yoichiro who is a lovely patient individual, was informative of the area and the culture. And if he couldn't answer a question he sent us an email to give us links to other places that we were interested in. In addition, after the tour had finished Yoichiro guided us to our next destination.
    Thanks again Yoichiro

  • Rebecca Rebecca

    Dress as a samurai and take photos in Kyoto

    Dress as a samurai and take photos in Kyoto I had always wanted to dress up as geisha and I did. The hairdo, kimoro were fantastic and the stylist was skilled. The guide was friendly and very helpful. She showed me the animation shop after the photo shooting.

  • Melissa Melissa

    Breakfast, Bikes & Beer in Kyoto

    Breakfast, Bikes & Beer in Kyoto Niall was the perfect host for our first day in Kyoto, we started off the tour with a fantastic breakfast (omelette, bacon, toast, grapefruit juice, coffee; anything you want he's got it!) And spoke about what we wanted to see that day and if we had any preferences, accommodating our individual wish lists. As we made our way round the city on our shiny new bikes, Niall gave us the perfect amount of insight into the history of the places we were visiting and tid bits of cultural details that weren't in our guide book. I'd recommend a day hanging out with Niall to anyone who wants to avoid the stuffy nature of organised tours. We finished the day with a pint...Kanpai Niall!

  • Rich Rich

    Breakfast, Bikes & Beer in Kyoto

    Breakfast, Bikes & Beer in Kyoto We had a wonderful day exploring the city on the bikes! The BB&B with Niall was perfect for us as we didn't know too much about the city or sites to see. Our host Niall was great he customized the day over breakfast and also fed us some city history.
    On the bikes we saw all the popular sites and some off the beaten path too. Biking the city is definitely the way to go. The pace varied to our abilities and we stopped for snacks. At the end of the day we hit up the pub and talked about the sites we saw along the way. I'd recommend this trip to anyone who wants to see Kyoto and not have to do the work of planning. Bottom line seeing the city by bike was our best decision on our tour of Japan.

  • Ólafur Ólafur

    Breakfast, Bikes & Beer in Kyoto

    Breakfast, Bikes & Beer in Kyoto This tour was the best!!! We really enjoyed cycling around Kyoto with Niall. We started with a very good breakfast where we planned today's tour. Since we didn't have any special destinations in mind Niall tried to read our interest and did an amazing job of organizing a fantastic route for us. We saw a lot of the typical tourist spots but Niall made sure to take us to truly wonderful spots that can't be found in any guidebook.

    Niall was one of the best guides we've ever had, very knowledgable about the temples, gardens and history of Kyoto. He's also just a very cool person to hang out with.

    Can't recommend this tour enough it was one of the best things we did while in Japan.