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  • Nasima Nasima

    Duel with Sumo Wrestlers and Eat Chanko Nabe in Tokyo

    Duel with Sumo Wrestlers and Eat Chanko Nabe in Tokyo It was great to get an understanding of sumo life. The pair of wrestlers demonstrated matches. Audience challenged sumo wrestlers. Food was what sumo wrestlers eat. They answered a lot of audience’s questions. Tons of fun!

  • Edwina Edwina

    Duel with Sumo Wrestlers and Eat Chanko Nabe in Tokyo

    Duel with Sumo Wrestlers and Eat Chanko Nabe in Tokyo This was a very professional, educational and fun experience. The staff and wrestlers are hilariously funny but there’s also a serious side to providing a potted history of sumo. The food was delicious and there’s ample opportunity for photos in several hilariously funny poses. This was worth every penny. Ideal for adults and children of all ages.

  • Jasmine Jasmine

    Cook and eat Japanese style breakfast in Asakusa

    Cook and eat Japanese style breakfast in Asakusa We took Matsu-san's class on a whim, and it ended up becoming one of our favorite experiences while we were in Japan! We met at 9 AM and concluded the class around 11:30 AM after we ate breakfast. Being taught how to cook a traditional Japanese breakfast was a great way to conclude our trip.

    We met in front of hotel (about a 12 minute walk from our hotel) near his apartment, which was right around the corner. He welcomed us inside his apartment and gave us a tour.

    To start the "Breakfast in Asakusa" experience, we made origami name tags. It was a fun, yet educational ice breaker. He was very patient, helpful, and encouraging. Some of the origami folds were hard!

    We had the choice of wearing two different aprons (I opted for the regular one while my fiance chose the traditional one. Once we added our name tags to the apron, we were ready to get started!

    The cooking portion was wonderful. We had discussed prior what we wanted to cook, and he took our suggestions into consideration. Our menu included miso soup, tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled egg), grilled saury, boiled leafy greens, and onigiri. He even served us natto, which I told him I wanted to try.

    Matsu-san and his friend who came to assist, talked and demonstrated every step of the cooking process. I liked how they let us learn hands-on, too. We cut all the vegetables, mixed sauces, prepped the saury in aluminum foil to bake, washed the rice, filled and packed the onigiri, and even rolled the tamagoyaki. The tamagoyaki was the hardest part (trying to roll and flip at the same time isn't as easy as it sounds, nor is it as easy as Matsu-san makes it seem), but they were encouraging and very supportive even if the omelettes weren't pretty!

    The table set with the fruits of our labor, we were finally ready to eat. Matsu-san let us pick cute chopstick rests to use and taught us to say, "Itadakimasu!" The food was delicious! It was one of our favorite meals in Japan. While we ate, he asked us about our experience in Japan, places we visited, and what else was left in our itinerary. We also chatted about our lives and what we did back home. It was such a pleasant conversation.

    After we ate, he gave us a packet with instructions on how to cook all of the dishes. We were excited to receive it!

    At the end of class, we said our goodbyes to his friend and thanked them for a wonderful meal. He walked us outside and gave us directions to get to our next route. We left the experience smiling and craving more traditional Japanese food! Highly recommend Matsu-san's class! We're looking forward to booking another experience with him.

    Some things to note before you book:
    - If you are camera-shy, he does snap photos of you while you cook. He sends them to you after the class is over, which I greatly appreciated!

    - He wasn't 100% fluent in English, but it was easy to understand him!

    - He told us about a shopping street nearby where you can buy kitchenware similar to what was used during the class. We didn't have time to check out the shopping street, so if you're interested make sure you set time aside to see it!

  • Paul Paul

    Handmade Soba Lesson in Asakusa

    Handmade Soba Lesson in Asakusa Our host was extremely knowledgeable and informative. It was very impressive to watch him work and to get to take part. Was a real pleasure. We ate at the restaurant after and got to eat some of what we made which was great.

  • ChinYu ChinYu

    Cook and eat Japanese style breakfast in Asakusa

    Cook and eat Japanese style breakfast in Asakusa We are a family of three. We spent a wonderful morning with Matsu-san, making and tasting Japanese everyday food. We learnt a lot and had great fun. Highly recommended. 👍