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  • Victor Victor

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo Anybody who is going to Tokyo should experience this at least once!! We got the grand tour! It’s about 1hour 30min long! You get to see so many sites!

  • Karim Karim

  • Paige Paige

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo We did the 3 hour tour - the last one of the day starting at 5:30pm. Was a great way to see the popular tourist attractions in Tokyo! Only 4 in the group (meant to be 6). Tour guide was great, except for a bad joke he made that didn’t seem like a joke at the time. We saw Tokyo Tower, SkyTree, Rainbow Bridge and Akihabara. I would suggest you wear some eye protection as you do get a bit of dust/road debris/ go kart fibreglass baffling debris out the exhaust. I had the fibreglass baffling almost hit me in the eye as we went over Rainbow Bridge. Other than that it was great, would definitely suggest it to everyone!

  • Erin Erin

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo I was so excited for this tour and unfortunately due to rain our tour was postponed. However this was resolved quickly and without hassle. Despite this minor set back the tour itself was absolutely fantastic. The staff are extremely friendly. At the start you go in and choose a costume. They then take you downstairs and explain how to drive the karts, reinforce the rules your read in the disclaimer and explain the driving formation and then off you go! It’s a little bit scary at first but these karts have great steering and brakes, I felt at ease after the first five minutes. You have to make sure you stay close to the person in front of you so cars don’t weave in between you causing you to lose your guide. Once you get the hang of the brakes and acceleration it’s a whole lot of fun. Cruising around Tokyo with the wind blowing in your face and people waving and taking photos is so much fun. You can bring your phone and /or camera and take photos whenever you aren’t driving as there are pouches in the kart to hold these. Our tour guide also took heaps of photos of us during the tour and sent them to us all for free. They also kindly gave us a souvineer photo printed out which was just the cherry on top. I’d highly recommend bringing your sunglasses not only due to the sun but also the dust and wind. We chose the three hour tour which we felt was the perfect amount of time. Overall I would highly recommend doing this tour, it’s a fantastic experience. My Dad isn’t a spring chicken anymore and my mum isn’t exactly young but they both had an amazing time too. Definitely give Asakusa Samurai Kart a go, it’s well worth the money and cost of getting an international driving permit!

  • Chinazo Chinazo

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo Very safe and guided, but such a great time!! I definitely would do it again.