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Results 1 - 36 of 91 Experiences

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  • Kelly Kelly

  • Adeline Adeline

    TOKYO SKYTREE® Ticket Packages

    TOKYO SKYTREE® Ticket Packages One of the besties came to town from Tottori and we decided to go to the Sky Tree together as she was a big fan of Attack on Titan animation and there is a special exhibition was happening on the Tembo Galleria on Floor 445-450. Our adrenaline rose as the lift took us up the tower! There was an audio guide in the lift explaining about the beautiful lights that is unique in every lift. The one we got on was Sumida River Skies.

    After enjoying the amazing panorama on the 350-metre observatory deck, we took another lift up to the 450-metre Tembo Galleria and were immediately welcomed by a Titan! We quickly ran over to the Titan and took fun pictures with it. There are many photo locations and replica anime pictures on display so tonnes of photo opportunities!

    Being also a Moomin fan, we also spent time "eating" with the Moomin characters at the cafe at the station before heading to Solamachi.

    Too bad we didn't have much time left after snapping hundreds of pictures to do any shopping at Solamachi as it is a huge mall with loads to offer so I recommend to give yourself 2 hours if you were to visit instead of 1.

    All in all it was great to go and I would definitely love to visit again as the view on the Sky Tree is something you cannot find anywhere else. You should definitely book advance tickets to avoid the long line at the ticketing counter even on weekdays.

  • Ian Ian

  • Sarah Sarah

    Become a Samurai and learn to use a sword in Asakusa, Tokyo

    Become a Samurai and learn to use a sword in Asakusa, Tokyo Our sensei Yuki was extremely nice and a very patient teacher. He made the experience extremely fun and my brother and I had a lot of fun learning to fight like a samurai. We would certainly recommend this class to anyone looking to have a bit of lighthearted fun whilst learning the samurai's fighting style. Many thanks Yuki for the wonderful class.

  • Angela Angela

    Become a Samurai and learn to use a sword in Asakusa, Tokyo

    Become a Samurai and learn to use a sword in Asakusa, Tokyo So much fun! Highly recommend!! A great experience that was so worth the price. My daughter had so much did her dad!

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