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Results 1 - 36 of 88 Experiences

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  • Lizzette Lizzette

    10% OFF Tour all the popular places in Tokyo with a local!

    10% OFF Tour all the popular places in Tokyo with a local! My guide was amazing. Very sweet girl who knew the city very well and was very knowledgeable about the History of Tokyo. I had a great day exploring and learning about Japenese culture.

  • Ruben Ruben

    Japanese Calligraphy in Tokyo

    Japanese Calligraphy in Tokyo Waki met me at the Kaminarimon and the class was held in a very cozy bar in Asakusa (not open to the public at the moment). Her ability with the brushes is impressive and I enjoyed watching her writing as much as practising. She is very nice and a gentle teacher. We started with the different types of strokes, which I could practice by writing my name that she had translated to Kanji for me. After a lot of practise she helped me find a message ("do your best") that I wrote on a big cardboard that I have brought back home. I have always been interested in calligraphy, but it was my first attempt at shodo, and I was very happy with the lesson. Waki was great answering all my questions and showing the right way to perform each stroke. I did really enjoy the lesson and I think it is a great introduction to the beautiful world of Japanese calligraphy.

  • Eunice Eunice

    Enjoy Haneda Airport Transfer Shuttle Service to/from Tokyo

    Enjoy Haneda Airport Transfer Shuttle Service to/from Tokyo Can't say anything since it was really late when we arrived in Haneda Airport. We were knocked out the instant we got on the shuttle bus, however, the shuttle bus was very convenient for us getting to our hotel for late arrivals. If we somehow book another late flight going to Japan and needed a shuttle bus (if hotel doesnt provide it) we might book again on Voyagin shuttle bus.

  • Drew Drew

    Explore The East Side of Tokyo in One Day!

    Explore The East Side of Tokyo in One Day! If you have never visited Japan before and don't speak the language you must get a tour guide on your first day. The train is fairly confusing, and there are not many english speakers, so I highly recommend getting a full day tour as an intro to the city. Our tour guide was fantastic, and met us at our hotel (I recommend doing a hotel pick-up). She helped us get train cards, and we were on our way! The fish market is amazing and insane. I have never seen anything like it in the world, and it was a fantastic start of the day. Then sushi lunch nearby, followed by seeing the major sights and sounds of the day. You can customize the day based on whatever you want to see. I recommend going to the food halls at one of the major department stores. It was very interesting and we actually wished we had spent more time there :)

  • Juanita Juanita

    Panoramic Tokyo Bus Tour with Lunch and Bay Cruise

    Panoramic Tokyo Bus Tour with Lunch and Bay Cruise Did the typhoon stop the tour? No. Everything went as planned. The hotel pick up was easy. The hotel staff let you know when your guide arrives. Ours was delayed a little in traffic because of the rain. After arriving at bus station to join the tour, I pointed in right direction to get my ticket. Very easy. After boarding our host Kyoko introduced herself and was a great tour guide. We 6 different places. The rain was not a problem. The fog made it hard to get a good picture of Rainbow Bridge. Also at each place Kyoko was more than happy to help you take photos. The Geisha dance and lunch was very good too. The pumpkin creme brulee was very good. At Odaibi it was a challenge. I love to shop! With limited time I visited a few shops. The mall was nice and I will go back when I have more time. Dropped off for me was at Hamamatsucho station. I chose walking back to hotel (yes in a typhoon).

    Domo arigato,

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