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  • Laura Laura

    Enjoy a Deep Tokyo Cycling Tour

    Enjoy a Deep Tokyo Cycling Tour Toshi was an amazing tour guide! Saw lots of interesting things we wouldn't have visited on our own. We were able to customize the route, and stop to see things if we wanted which was great! We feel very lucky to have met Toshi :)

  • Mike Mike

    Enjoy a Deep Tokyo Cycling Tour

    Enjoy a Deep Tokyo Cycling Tour This was a fantastic day! Our guide, Tosh, was generous and fun. We saw a lot of Tokyo that we wouldn't have seen otherwise and just had a really enjoyable day, even managing to do a little shopping too! Tosh is very happy to accommodate what interests you. Bikes were high quality.

  • Mark Mark

    Enjoy a Deep Tokyo Cycling Tour

    Enjoy a Deep Tokyo Cycling Tour We had a wonderful cycling tour with Toshi and we have since become friends. He did a wonderful job of impressing us with our first visit to Japan. Although a little daunted by the traffic at first Toshi guided us through to some wonderful places of interest in Tokyo. Would thoroughly recommend this to anyone wanting a cycling adventure with lots of sightseeing.

  • Ben Ben

    Enjoy a Deep Tokyo Cycling Tour

    Enjoy a Deep Tokyo Cycling Tour I just got back from Toshi's cycling tour of Tokyo, and it was AMAZING.

    This is my first time to Japan, and although I don't know any Japanese and I'm travelling by myself, I wanted to see as much of the city as possible.

    At first I was a little unsure about cycling in the city, but it turned out just fine. We were in bike lanes most of the time, and the traffic was not a big deal when we were on the road.

    We started off with a quick lunch at a ramen shop. From there we went through quiet neighborhoods in Yanesen to the beautiful Nezu shrine, visited the Kyu-Iwasaki Tei Gardens, biked along the Sumida River to the giant Sensoji temple in Asakusa, and saw three different outdoor shopping / market areas along the way.

    Each of the stops was interesting and unique. I'm very happy with how much we saw and with the experience of cycling in Tokyo. Throughout the day Toshi was always a very gracious, friendly, and patient host.

    Overall: This is a fantastic way to spend a day in Tokyo.

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