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Results 1 - 36 of 159 Experiences

Reviews for Cooking Class in Japan

  • Kristine Kristine

    Learn how to drip the best coffee in Tokyo

    Learn how to drip the best coffee in Tokyo Being a occasional coffee drinker, I always wanted to make my own drip coffee. It's a great experience to be taught how to drip coffee hands on with Fumiko who is very knowledgable and patient. I was first given the chance to taste different kinds of coffee beans (5) and then learn how to drip my own. The cafe is also situated in such a lovely neighborhood with a very relaxing and homey environment. I'm sure I'll visit the shop again soon! Thank you Fumiko and Mui staff for having me!

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth

    Try Wagashi (Japanese confectionery) making & Matcha, Tokyo

    Try Wagashi (Japanese confectionery) making & Matcha, Tokyo I had a wonderful time during this experience! I arrived at the train station right on time, and the host was waiting there with an umbrella and a Yu-ta Art sign. We walked for maybe 7 minutes to her house, where the class was to take place. I had absolutely no problem communicating with her, and she was very lovely. The set up was very clean and well-organized. My host had prepared several presentations about the history and origins of wagashi, and after we watched them we started making the wagashi! It was winter when I went, so we made narcissus flowers. It was very fun! After we were finished, we had a tea ceremony. All in all, it was a really lovely day! I definitely enjoyed my experience with Yu-ta Art!

  • Brendan Brendan

    Try Wagashi (Japanese confectionery) making & Matcha, Tokyo

    Try Wagashi (Japanese confectionery) making & Matcha, Tokyo This is an amazing class to learn how to make Japanese wagishi sweets!
    My partner and I were met at the train station by Yuriko, who had a sign, her instructions were clear and it easy to find her.
    After around a 5 minute walk to her house, Yuriko offered us tea to drink and started the class with an explanation of the background of wagashi making with a powerpoint presentation. Yuriko's English is very good and it was no problem communicating and asking questions.
    Yuriko was very helpful and went step by step in making the first wagashi sweet and was very patient. We were allowed to make the second one on our own, but with Yuriko's guidance when we forgot!
    Afterwards, Yuriko showed us a simple tea ceremony and our green tea went very well with the wagashi we had just made.
    I would highly recommend this activity as it is affordable and so much fun to make and eat your own wagashi sweets and watch and drink matcha.

  • Christine Christine

    Enjoy Japanese Cooking Class with Friendly Locals in Kyoto

    Enjoy Japanese Cooking Class with Friendly Locals in Kyoto We wanted a day to relax and learn how to make Japanese food after too many temples and palaces. The cooking school was in a traditional Japanese house. There were nine people taking the izakaya cooking class that day. We had three instructors and they were very patient and informative. We learned to cook 7 dishes in 3 hours. All of the ingredients and cooking techniques were explained thoroughly. Everything we prepared was fun and delicious. I would highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to learn more about Japanese food and culture.

  • May May

    Learn How to Make "Soba" and "Udon" in Kawasaki

    Learn How to Make "Soba" and "Udon" in Kawasaki Keiko met us at the Kawasaki train station and instantly made us feel welcome in her home. Her friendly nature and love for food is evident and made it very easy to follow her instructions to make Udon and Kakiage. As former chefs and food enthusiasts, it was really surprising to find out that the theory behind Udon making is the complete opposite to what we are used to in western dough making. We especially loved getting to eat what we had made using the beautiful bowls Keiko had made herself.

    We're really glad we booked this experience and can't wait to make udon at home in Australia using the techniques we learnt from Keiko. Thank you so much!!

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