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Looking for Half Day Tour in Japan? Discover and book a unique experience to create an unforgettable stay in Japan!

Our half day tours offer quality short time spent on unique activities such as the tuna auction at Tsukiji Fish Market, a visit to a rural organic tea farm in Shizuoka, a pub crawl in Shinjuku or Roppongi, or a boat trip to unique islands such as Naoshima and Gunkanjima! We value your time and provide high-quality guiding service for your half-day exploration of Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Takayama, Kanazawa and many other cities in Japan.


Results 1 - 36 of 244 Experiences


Results 1 - 36 of 244 Experiences

Reviews for Half Day Tour in Japan

  • Dewi Dewi

    Akihabara Tour with Your Own Personal Maid!

    Akihabara Tour with Your Own Personal Maid! We were with an 11 month old baby and booked the group tour. But we were the only ones so we got a private treatment which was very great. The tour was full of knowledge and I could really enjoy akihabara without having to waste time orienting. Sara was so knowledgeable about that city but also Japan in general. She gave excellent tips. The tour walk was very entertaining. Nothing I would change. One thing was only the point of meet up ... is it possible to make even more clear? We were lost ... anyways thanks again!

  • Margarita Margarita

    World's Most Famous Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market Private Tour

    World's Most Famous Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market Private Tour I had 3 tours this last trip to japan. This by far was the best. I am a chef and wanted to know what the the 500+ kinds of seafood at tsukiji inner market were. So interesting! Our guide was Yukio Akashi. He accommodated us at last minute although it was peak time and most tours were booked. He was awesome and lived in the US for so long so he was very fluent in english. At the outer market, our guide translated to my friend and I what the sellers were saying and he helped get the best prices for us. I see from my friends who didn't have a guide, they didn't know what to get at Tsukiji without a guide... Our guide explained what the sellers were saying and which was what quality was a major PLUS for me.
    I am liking voyagin since while the tours has no set meal like other tours fro other tour companies, you get to choose what to eat AND they try to follow up and accommodate you with a guide although peak season!In my 4th trip to Japan I will make sure to take voyagin and if at tokyo, ask for yukio-san.

  • Charlotte Charlotte

    Akihabara Tour with Your Own Personal Maid!

    Akihabara Tour with Your Own Personal Maid! Sorry for the late review! But I wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my tour. The tour guide was very flexible for what our group wanted to do, and we ended up staying at the Maid Cafe a little longer! I made some wonderful friends during the tour, and despite it being wet and rainy and windy, I learnt a lot about Akihabara.
    Thank you!

  • Cheryl Cheryl

    See the morning freshness of Kyoto in an early bird tour

    See the morning freshness of Kyoto in an early bird tour You should book this tour if you are looking for an unique stress-free experience when touring major sites in Kyoto.

    Being early risers (also very jet lagged) this tour was perfect for us to see the Fushimi Inari Shrines, Bamboo Forest and Tenryuji Temple. We were able to experience these places without any stress or claustrophobia.

    Emilien was an awesome guide. He was knowledgeable and a great host. We enjoyed talking to him and he had some great suggestions on other temples to visit that was off the beaten path.

    I highly recommend this tour!

  • Erin Erin

    Day trip to Hiroshima from Osaka by Shinkansen (guided tour)

    Day trip to Hiroshima from Osaka by Shinkansen (guided tour) Before I even get to reviewing the event itself, HUGE thank you to the Voyagin staff. When we realized we had forgotten to pick up our bullet train tickets for this tour and it was already too late to go back and retrieve them, the Voyagin staff took great pains to find a post office near our accommodation in Osaka and deliver our tickets there. Out of this world customer service! Thank you so much for making it so that we could still enjoy this tour!

    NOW! For the tour part!
    Our guide was Ms. Haruko-san. She was as nice as could be! She smoothly took us from place to place so we could see as much as possible in our limited time.
    We went to Miyajima on a beautiful ferry ride and enjoyed the stunning Itsukushima Shrine and tasty Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. She told us history and a lot of fun facts on the way.
    She then took us to the Peace Memorial Park and Museum and patiently stood with us while we took everything in. She was there for us if we ever had any questions. What we saw at the museum truly moved us and broke our hearts, and it was a valuable experience.
    Since we were trying to get to everything on time, she took us to see the outside of Hiroshima Castle and we tried to get into a garden but it was closed by the time we got there. She kept apologizing, but we really could not have asked for a more awesome day or a more wonderful guide. This is a tour you shouldn't miss out on, and you should really consider staying in the Hiroshima area over several days! (Especially Miyajima!)

    Thank you, Voyagin and Haruko-san!

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