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  • Sonal Sonal

    Learn Traditional Japanese Dancing: Buyo

    Learn Traditional Japanese Dancing: Buyo This was my first time in Japan and I am so glad I could get this tour!! Yoko Sensei is amazing - kind, patient and so so graceful!! She helped me dress in a cotton kimono for the session and since I was the only one registered that day - I got all her wonderful attention! :-)

    We learned the dance steps on the famous Cherry blossom song - Sakura Sakura. This was one of THE BEST experiences I had in Japan!

    I was conveniently picked up from kaminarimon and we walked to the studio. I had an English translator - Hiroshi, who is fun too! The photographer was also patient throughout and got some best shots during the session!

    I would totally recommend this experience!

  • Nicole Nicole

    Learn Traditional Japanese Dancing: Buyo

    Learn Traditional Japanese Dancing: Buyo This was an excellent experience! I highly recommend this class. No dance skills are required, though having taken any kind of dance class before makes it easier. Don't be afraid to book it if you're by yourself: I think I had more fun as the only student than I would have otherwise. Yoko-san, the instructor, was very patient and nice. She's not fluent in English, but she has a young lady to interpret and once you get started you won't need to actually understand what she's saying for the most part.

    The class itself went like this. The young lady and an older gentleman picked me up from the station and walked me to the dance studio. I picked a yukata and put it on (well, okay, they dressed me in it!). Yoko-san demonstrated the dance and we practiced it a bunch of times. Finally, she performed a much more advanced dance and then we had a little photoshoot in the yukata!

    It's just around the corner from Senso-ji, so you can easily make a day of it in Asakusa with the class and the shrines. The only thing I regret is that I don't live in Asakusa and can't take her class regularly!

  • Julio Julio

    Go Clubbing with a Tokyo Insider!

    Go Clubbing with a Tokyo Insider! Spent an evening at a Shibuya izakaya and afterwards at a underground (literally and figuratively) Jazz/House club. Would have never had an experience like this with out Yu's guidance. Definatly the nicest, humblest and most professional guide I've had yet! If you are young, in Tokyo and want to explore the parts of Shibuya most Travelers aren't able to without fluent Japanese, this is your ticket to an awesome party night. Cheers!

  • Darren Domilos Darren Domilos

    Go Clubbing with a Tokyo Insider!

    Go Clubbing with a Tokyo Insider! Yu is an amazing host!! As far as nightlife is concerned she really knows where all the action is at in the club scene.
    Not only will you be taken to a great spot (which she knows dozens) but she will also introduce you to many people there. I have partied with her quite a few times all over Tokyo and each time was amazing! Also if you speak english and know very little japanese like I do then it would be no problem as Yu can definitely hold a conversation, albeit a funny one. Each night was so much fun! Thanks again Yu!!

  • Photius Drako Photius Drako

    Go Clubbing with a Tokyo Insider!

    Go Clubbing with a Tokyo Insider! I met Yu through mutual friends in November 2011, right from the beginning she is so easy to get along with! Yu is a super fun & charismatic person who
    was always awesome to hang out with. She offered to show me around Tokyo's nightlife, and we had many good nights out. Yu knows the ins and the outs, the who's who and where they are playing. The first night we went out, she took me to Club Asia in Shibuya, that night DJ Muro was spinning a selection of 45s, funk, soul & breaks and was supported by an awesome James Brownesque band called Osaka Monaurail - what a night! Yu accommodated well with my busy schedule, she always made time to show me around. She knew areas of Tokyo really well. Amongst bars and clubs she also took me out to some really nice riverside cafes of Nakameguro & also heaps of cool spots to eat. Trust Yu's judgement, she ordered a whole bunch of delicious things for us to eat. On one of my final nights in Tokyo, Yu took me to an awesome club in the heart of Shibiya, Sound museum vision. That night was the anniversary party for Wax Poetics magazine Japan. The line up was
    incredible - Ino Hidefumi, DJ Mitsu the Beats, Ken Sano just to name a few - along with an amazing blend of Japans hiphop/electronic?deep house scene. Easily one of the best nights I've had to this day!
    Yu had really opened my eyes to new sounds and musician, a new side of Tokyo I hadn't really experienced.
    Yu was more than a guide, through her positive aura and fun approach to things we became a good friends, it felt like we had been friends for years.
    I can't wait to go back to Tokyo to catch up with Yu and have some fun!
    Honestly if you want to experience Tokyo in a new fun way, meet up with Yu!