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If you choose Japan for your summer vacation, you won’t regret it. There are thousands of exciting things to do in summer! Should you visit Tokyo or Osaka, you will surely want to dress in yukata (a light kimono) and go see the amazing fireworks and bustling local festivals that are held everywhere around! One of the greatest ways to enjoy the fireworks is from a summer cruise ship. And how about the beaches and marine activities in Okinawa? Try snorkeling, diving and paragliding in Okinawa, or canoeing and cycling in Hokkaido. Summer is also the perfect time for white river rafting in Tama River or in Shikoku. And don’t forget – you can only climb Mt Fuji during the summer months!

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Results 1 - 36 of 56 Experiences

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  • Beatrice Beatrice

    Mt Fuji Climbing Tour – Overnight Guided Hike from Tokyo

    Mt Fuji Climbing Tour – Overnight Guided Hike from Tokyo It’s a remarkable hike that everyone has to stay together during the hiking and the tour guide speaks almost perfect English. The pace is slow and steady ( excellent) and the guide make sure all of us is safe and sound. I wouldn’t make it to the top and return if it’s not because of the guide. Japanese gives full responsible in whichever professions they are working.

    The downside of the trip -We don’t have long rest or chilling time because we are running on schedule - catching the dinner, catching the sunrise, catching the return bus. Only 5-10 mins break and a total of 5 breaks.

    The overnight hut was small, narrow bed as such you touch each other shoulder but it’s just for 4 hours nap. Drinks are super expensive (500jpy) but we will pay to prevent dehydration anyway.

    Recommend the trip for those who has hiking stamina but not those who’s reluctant to endure. Overall the hike experience is about the Japanese culture, the shooting stars and the super quick sun rise at the peak of the Mount Fuji. The journey of the hike is not sceneric but it’s really worth with the experience we gained and not exchangeable by money

  • Adam Adam

    Mt Fuji Climbing Tour – Overnight Guided Hike from Tokyo

    Mt Fuji Climbing Tour – Overnight Guided Hike from Tokyo I am not a sporty person, but believe me, I did hike Mount Fuji and so I think everyone can too especially if you are still young. It's doable.

    But please, bring at least 2 Hershey's chocolate bar (or smallish snack), to eat when you somewhat feel hungry. It greatly help, but it doesn't have to be Hershey's tho (I just like chocolate). Also, at minimum 2 550ml bottled water will help! And prepare your gears well, especially it's quite cold when you hike at 1AM! IF I were to hike again I'd bring 4 chocolate bars! And enjoy the third one at a sunrise alone. Oh, it'd be good if you bring with you around 3000 yen of cash; toilets are 200 yen usually, a corn soup is 400 yen, and so on just in case you want to eat some ramen that can cost 1000 yen (it's in Mt. Fuji so I hope it's understandable why). You may donate 1000 yen for a preservation cause if you want too, so rounded up to 4000 yen.

    So for me, I think this trip let me realize one important thing: making a small step is enough, keep going! I definitely will say yes to repeat the past 2 days, so lucky to meet 2 strangers which we became friend immediately, and make fun of our trips and our struggles. Definitely having one of the best time!

    Enjoy! Blue-team!

  • Tristan Tristan

    Mt Fuji Climbing Tour – Overnight Guided Hike from Tokyo

    Mt Fuji Climbing Tour – Overnight Guided Hike from Tokyo The tour up My Fuji was amazing. Definitely an experience I will never forget. Our guide was very skillful and competent in handling our group. Not only that but he had great English so it was easy to communicate. I highly recommend this tour if you are interested in conquering Mt Fuji!

  • Renz Renz

    Mt Fuji Climbing Tour – Overnight Guided Hike from Tokyo

    Mt Fuji Climbing Tour – Overnight Guided Hike from Tokyo My girlfriend and I went to this tour as we're having second thoughts on doing the Fuji hike on our own. It's a great experience and the guides are very helpful. Though their english is only basic and we'd like to understand something that they explain on the scenary. But overall it's nice to have them by yourside in the tour.

  • Alvin Alvin

    Explore Aokigahara, the Sea of Beautiful Trees!

    Explore Aokigahara, the Sea of Beautiful Trees! I wish I can post more photos to show everyone how beautiful this trip was, instead of 3 pictures. Tomomi was a great guide to help us understand this forest and nature around Mt Fuji. This route I found so many beautiful mushroom, I called “mushroom hunting trip” ...hehe
    My friends from Facebook all surprise when they saw our pictures in Bat cave. It was a small cave but it was fun and nice for beginners like us. Really cool, but not for children or someone afraid of the dark though.

    I strongly recommend this trip with Tomomi because she needs money so that she can travel to the US to visit our home !!! Hahaha...Just joking !
    Tomomi was well prepared and her English was very good.
    Hope everyone take this trip with her will have a happy time at Mt Fuji.

    A lot of walking so prepare your lower body strength.
    Good mountain walking shoe because it was slippery in the cave and the forest full of mosses on the rock and path.
    We stayed at Shibuya so it was a long way for us to get to Kawaguchiko station and back. I recommend staying in around Mt. Fuji town to save travel time.
    The lakes are beautiful and we forgot our swimsuits, I don’t know if they let you swim but it looks very tempting ....

    Alvin & Ann
    From California