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Results 1 - 36 of 609 Experiences

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  • Nikolas Nikolas

    10% OFF Authentic Kyoto Samurai Experience

    10% OFF Authentic Kyoto Samurai Experience It was a nice experience but i still feel something was missing. It was fun to dress up in samurai kimono and use a real katana sword. Elle was very knowledgeable and the teacher was very kind and helpful .

  • Kiki Kiki

    Join a Shinkage-ryu Bujutsu Martial Art Workshop, Tokyo

    Join a Shinkage-ryu Bujutsu Martial Art Workshop, Tokyo We were three friends who took the Shinkage-ryu workshop together. Since we come from different cultural, educational, and genetic backgrounds we each experienced the workshop differently and because of that we have three different reviews in one.

    Participant 1: The Shinkage-ryu experience was very interesting and enjoyable. Kamata-san was an engaged and interesting teacher and we were able to spend a lot of time in actual practice. It is a “secret” martial art and more unique than the regular Karate, Kendo experiences. Highly recommended!

    Participant 2: I found the Shinkage-ryu experience enjoyable both as an activity and an informative seminar into an obscure martial art. Shinkage-ryu combines Japanese swordsmanship with very elegant movement. It is wonderful to watch and practice. Kamata-san is an absolute master with a great sense of humor that makes the experience a delight. I understood 80% of what was being said as some Japanese was mixed into the instruction. That though did not impede any part of the instruction or the exhibition. I highly recommend it to both tourist visiting and expats living in Tokyo.

    Participant 3: I happened upon the 新陰流 (Shinkage-ryū) workshop whilst looking for cultural experiences that might be interesting for some friends who were going to visit Japan. I found the workshop and the concept of 新陰流 to be different from other 剣術 (kenjutsu) and after sharing with two friends, we all agreed to sign up. On the day of the workshop we were greeted by 芹沢先輩 (Serizawa-senpai) who escorted us. Our workshop location was at at community centre where 鎌田先生 (Kamata-sensei) and other practitioners of 新陰流 meet regularly to practice and learn. Honestly, I was not entirely sure what to expect of the workshop especially since I had arranged it as belated birthday presents to my two friends. In addition to experiencing some of the fundamental bodywork first hand, we discussed the philosophy of 新陰流 which is about the heart, about being equals, and about the importance of converting a weaponised encounter into one of peace.

  • Irena Irena

  • Mark Mark

    Learn to Play the Shamisen and Koto

    Learn to Play the Shamisen and Koto Kozan-san was a fantastic teacher. My wife and I both have significant guitar experience and Kozan-san was able to leverage that into an all too short lesson. We learnt one of the Yoshida brother's classics and even had some time to get an intro into koto. I was so impressed by the lesson that I bought his book of Shamisen scores which has been a primary resource for me to understand Japanese music .

  • Ana Margarita Ana Margarita

    15% OFF Maiko Makeover in Kyoto Gion

    15% OFF Maiko Makeover in Kyoto Gion I was feeling a bit conscious but Nimiki and the photographer made me feel very comfortable during preparations and during pictorial! Everyone visiting Kyoto should experience Maiko Makeover <3 <3 <3