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  • Henry Henry

    Fuji Shibazakura Festival 2018 Direct Bus Tickets from Tokyo

    Fuji Shibazakura Festival 2018 Direct Bus Tickets from Tokyo Booking this ticket was so easy with Voyagin, really helped me make the most of my free weekend in Tokyo without wrangling with Japanese language websites. My first choice for travel dates had been sold out just after I submitted my request to Voyagin, but the rep helped me get a ticket that suited me – thank you Chie! Getting an e-ticket saved me from having to print or remember a paper ticket. Just be sure to save the pdf on your phone in case you have any internet trouble on the morning of your trip! And don’t let your battery die at the flower festival :)

    By following signs in Shinjuku Station for New South Exit it was very easy to find the ‘highway bus’ terminal, the new Busta Shinjuku facility. The 4th-floor departures area is clean, organised, has a big departures board with English information and a small convenience store to grab snacks for your journey if you arrive with a few minutes to spare. A huge improvement on my Fuji Q Highland experience 2 years previously, when we had to find our bus stop out on the crazy streets around Shinjuku train station. Very foreigner friendly!

    The bus as expected was also clean, modern, spacious enough for my long westerner's legs, and to my pleasant surprise equipped with not only a toilet but free WiFi! Speed was not great but hey, it worked. After the bus gets to around Mt Takao in Hachioji, West Tokyo, you’re pretty much out of the city and into the mountains, so after the first hour of your ride you can enjoy the Japanese scenery which only gets better as you go south. I’d say the view was slightly better out the left side of the bus. I never seem to tire of rice fields and forested mountains :)

    As for the festival itself, the ticket I ordered was bus only (those buses get fully booked early!) so there was about 600 yen to pay at the festival in cash, and then we were in. Really amazing. Fields carpeted in pink and white flowers, stretching out around a large pool with forests all around and Fuji San ever-present in the near distance. Being a Japanese festival of course there was plenty of soba, kara-age, soft-serve ice cream, sakura flavoured EVERYTHING, and refreshing beer on offer. Also a cool display of some crazy chestnut roasting contraption that whistled and belched out steam at regular intervals. We enjoyed it there for several hours of looking around all the flowers, getting cool photos, going up the viewing platform for a birds-eye views and of course eating and drinking to our heart's content.

    Then it was back on the bus! Saw a few other poor tourists who hadn't reserved their return tickets and were waiting and waiting for a bus to come that had a free seat. I hope they found one and didn’t end up having to get a taxi to the train station, it’s pretty far from the flower festival! Our bus came at the time expected, although for the retune it was much harder to know where it would pick up, our worry about finding the right bus was totally unfounded. Great Japanese service covered for any lack of clear English signage at the festival parking lot. Long ride back and we were knackered, so we easily napped on the bus and got dropped off quite contented at Shinjuku, where we found a nice restaurant in the station building to wrap up the day!

  • Marlene Marlene

    Tokyo Cherry Blossom Cruise with Food & Unlimited Drinks

    Tokyo Cherry Blossom Cruise with Food & Unlimited Drinks So glad we booked this! Attentive, friendly staff and beautiful views made this tour something special. Definitely recommended.

  • Gina Gina

    Tokyo Cherry Blossom Cruise with Food & Unlimited Drinks

    Tokyo Cherry Blossom Cruise with Food & Unlimited Drinks Although the Sakura were nowhere to be found (Except in the beautiful decorations inside) it was an amazing ride worth every minute. Unfortunately most Sakura has already fallen but the views were spectacular. The dessert was too delicious. I recommend this - although the tour guide only spoke Japanese she did her very best to come to our table and explain some of it in English later.

  • Chris Chris

  • Munro Munro

    Enjoy a Splendid Sakura Cherry Blossom Cruise in Osaka

    Enjoy a Splendid Sakura Cherry Blossom Cruise in Osaka Nice and chill ride, beautiful sakura, what's not to like?