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Results 1 - 36 of 66 Experiences

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  • Vanessa Vanessa

    Take an exciting tour in Tokyo dressed as a ninja!

    Take an exciting tour in Tokyo dressed as a ninja! We had an amazing time and would highly recommend this tour

  • Dan Dan

    Take an exciting tour in Tokyo dressed as a ninja!

    Take an exciting tour in Tokyo dressed as a ninja! Recently went on the Ninja Tour led by Tom and Cobie and had an absolutely awesome time! Nothing like the thrill of roaming through Japan dressed head to toe in a ninja outfit whilst learning more about the local culture. We were treated to the sights and sounds of the local neighborhoods and also enjoyed all of the local cuisine.

    Would highly recommend this experience for anyone looking for something different in Tokyo

  • Ana Ana

    Take an exciting tour in Tokyo dressed as a ninja!

    Take an exciting tour in Tokyo dressed as a ninja! It was so fun to be part of this tour! Everyone should not miss it!

  • Rolv-Håkon Rolv-Håkon

    Visit an Onsen Theme Park in Machida/Yokohama

    Visit an Onsen Theme Park in Machida/Yokohama I didn't get to experience the Hot Spring but I got everything reserved and prepared by Yuki-san. I have heard lots of great things about the place so I am sure it would have been amazing!

  • ileana ileana

    Go to a Popular Hot Spring near Studio Ghibli Museum, Tokyo

    Go to a Popular Hot Spring near Studio Ghibli Museum, Tokyo Going to an Onsen or traditional Japanese hot spring bath is definitely and experience that cannot be missed on a trip to Japan. There are a variety of these baths out there, some more adapted for tourists than others. However, if you're looking for a genuine experience away from all the tourist traps, this is the place for you. We were the only tourist there on the day we went!
    This onsen is hidden in a residential neighborhood, so if you're walking you'll probably need Google maps to find it. It's about 20minutes from the train station. However, they do offer a handy shuttle bus service that you can take advantage of if you time your arrival and departure correctly (we did not).
    Upon arriving you leave your shoes in a small locker and collect a towel and yukata set. Your entrance includes the hot spring baths, lunch, and laying on these flat, heated stones inside a hot room. You can pay separately if you would like a massage or some other such experience.
    When you go to your designated (based on gender) entrance to the locker rooms that lead to your designated baths you receive another towel and yukata set. It is a bit confusing to know what to use when, so I'll explain what I learned from experience. However, if you mess up and use the wrong towel and yukata at the wrong time, like I did, it's no big deal.
    You will take off all of your clothes and leave everything in the locker room, except the small towel you receive, before proceeding to take a shower. You can only enter the baths after you have cleaned yourself. There are a variety of pools with different temperatures to choose from. The water is dark, probably due to its mineral content, so once you get in no one will be able to see any part of your body inside the water. Everyone is very polite and comfortable with the nudity, so it feels less strange than you might think. It's so relaxing to soak in the hot water. There's also a sauna you can enter.
    When you're done you head to the locker room and dry yourself with the medium towel and put on the brown yukata before heading to the hot stones with the large towel. You will be spreading out the towel and laying on for however long yo remain at the hot stones. When you tire of the stones you then head back to the locker room, shower again, and put on the gray yukata to go to lunch.
    You can choose from a variety of lunch sets. The restaurant has both western and eastern style seating. It's very beautiful with it's tatami floors and rice screens. The food is pretty good Japanese fair. Nothing impressive, but not bad either.
    After lunch you can choose to nap in the napping room.
    There is actually no designated order to the bathing, hot stones, and lunch. You can do whatever you like in whatever order you want. You can even repeat the stones and hot baths. This is simply the order I would recommend based on my own experience.
    Visiting this Onsen is extremely relaxing and pleasant. A lovely reprieve from the busy Tokyo streets. You will not regret taking the time to enjoy this traditional Japanese experience.