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With its 3776 meters Mt Fuji is Japan’s highest mountain, a sacred national symbol and a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. The ideally shaped cone of the volcano has been an inspiration for many artists during the centuries. Although you can enjoy Mt Fuji’s beautiful shape from the Shinkansen bullet train on your way between Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, we provide plenty of opportunities for exploring closely the mountain and its surrounding natural wonders such as Kawaguchiko (Fuji Five Lakes), Aokigahara forest and Hakone hot spring area. Choose between climbing Mt Fuji in summer, enjoying its stunning shape from a nearby hot spring or riding the thrilling rollercoasters of Fuji Q Highland theme park!

Results 1 - 19 of 19 Experiences

Results 1 - 19 of 19 Experiences

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  • Ted Ted

    See Mt Fuji's stunning view points and hot spring in Hakone

    See Mt Fuji's stunning view points and hot spring in Hakone It's easy to get lost in everything there is to do in Tokyo and to get caught in the big city stress, just remember, like me and my friends did, that there are beautiful mountain ranges just an hour or so out from Tokyo. So we made the decision to get a closer view of Mt Fuji and other highlights in the area. With a pretty small price difference (depending on how many you are) the clear choice were for us to go with our own guide instead of having to run around catching buses and being more limited.
    Taiji is really a great guy who picks you up and drops you off were you live. He is fluent in english which is actually a rare commodity in Japan as per my experience. He drove us around all day and we had great talks about history and Japanese traditions. We got to see beautiful sites, eat a great local lunch and last but not least bath in a refreshing onsen (hot spring). When we got home we were all really happy we went and diversed our travels in and around Tokyo.

  • Miguel Miguel

    Enjoy Strawberries Picking & Mt. Fuji Cruising in Shizuoka!

    Enjoy Strawberries Picking & Mt. Fuji Cruising in Shizuoka! Where should I begin? The tour started on time and check-in process was very smooth. We were first brought to Mitohama pier. From there we took a 20-minute cruise around Suruga Bay. The view of Mt. Fuji from the bay was surreal. Do not forget to take a good camera with you for this one. Another fun attraction was the seagulls that follow the boat. You can buy some crackers at the wharf which you can feed to the seagulls. After the cruise, we were brought to a local restaurant where we had a seafood bbq buffet. The seafood was freshly caught from the bay. Very Satisfying. To top it of, we proceeded to a strawberry field to stuff ourselves with yummy strawberries for dessert. Lastly, we went to Tokino Sumika. The illuminations were magnificent. Equally majestic was the view of Mt. Fuji from there. This tour is highly recommended!


    Enjoy 2-Day Mt.Fuji Climbing Tour

    Enjoy 2-Day Mt.Fuji Climbing Tour Nice Weather! Nice Tour Guide!
    Thanks a lot!
    I took a video from a drone, record the sunrise @Mt.Fuji.
    Hope everyone like it^^

  • Jann Jann

    Enjoy 2-Day Mt.Fuji Climbing Tour

    Enjoy 2-Day Mt.Fuji Climbing Tour Wonderful hike. The hike was not easy but the guide made sure that we ascend at a comfortable pace. He took breaks every 30 - 40 minutes hike. All the guides spoke good English and helped us to get to the summit. The guides ensured that we are all safe at any point in time.

  • Norlisa Norlisa

    Viewing Mt.Fuji and paragliding One day tour

    Viewing Mt.Fuji and paragliding One day tour This tour is indeed an experience worth ever penny!
    My husband and I really had a lot of fun.

    Hiro was a great guide! He patiently answered all our queries promptly before the trip.
    Hiro also went beyond what is expected in the tour package - He helped us booked a trip to do Water Rafting at the Fuji River as well and waited for us to be done so he could send us back to our hotel. As we have special dietary requirements, he went out of his way to find a suitable restaurant for us to have our dinner. We are very impressed by his hospitality.

    Thank you so much Hiro! Thank you for making our trip to Japan an awesome one!

    2 thumbs up for Hiro!

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