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  • Jurgis Jurgis

    20% OFF Mt. Batur Volcano Sunrise Trek / Private Path Hike

    20% OFF Mt. Batur Volcano Sunrise Trek / Private Path Hike Driver picked up me and my wife from our hotel in Ubud at 2:20. Later he picked up 4 more people. Before start, we got 0.5l water bottles, flashlights and coffee/tea.
    Our guide offered us faster, but more difficult road or longer but more easy way. We choose the harder way. The way up was not easy, but the view over the lake and city was worth it.
    At the top of the mountain each of us got breakfast - two toasts with banana, two boiled eggs, one mini banana and one orange. For the tea/coffee/chocolate we had to pay separate. 30k per cup.
    I dont know how looks the public way up, but our so called private road also had like 30 hikers on it.

  • Maxie Maxie

    Scenic Ubud & Kintamani Volcano Tour

    Scenic Ubud & Kintamani Volcano Tour It was an excellent experience to join the tour, good to decide the plan and really tour guide

  • Greg Greg

  • Raghav Raghav

    20% OFF Mt. Batur Volcano Sunrise Trek / Private Path Hike

    20% OFF Mt. Batur Volcano Sunrise Trek / Private Path Hike 1. After the midpoint mark, you’ll find a bunch of locals with dirt bikes offering a ride to the top. With so many bikes constantly going to the peak, it kills the drive to hike up. You gotta have some will power about 80% into the hike cos that’s when it becomes vertical, not steep.

    2. The breakfast is absolutely horrible. But so is the breakfast from every other travel site you buy these off. It’s the same for every person. 4 bananas, 4 hard boiled eggs, 4 toast with banana crushed into a paste/jam spread. I recommend you bring your own snacks up the hike or eat before.

    The only thing is the tea/coffee.

    3. The hike, the route, the guide are all perfect. No complains there. You’ll be hiking up as a group. 45 mins into the hike, you’ll know who the stragglers are slowing down the pack. If your guide, like ours, is cool with it, he’ll let you carry on at your own speed. You can overtake other groups and reach the peak quicker.

    4. It’s super hectic up on the peak. At least a 1000 people. Reach quicker and find a good spot for the sun-rise and just bunker down for an hour there. If all the good spots are taken, you’ll stand in a corner.

    5. You can’t control it but a few flyboys will be flying their drones around.

    6. It’s not cold hiking up cos of the sweat and body heat. However once you reach the top and rest, the wind kicks in. It’s bloody cold up there. I saw Europeans wearing booty shorts while I was shivering in my jacket and was like, “where do these creatures come from”

    7. Water! At least 3L of water for you and your partner.

    8. Try to sleep by 10pm as your driver might come earlier than your pick up time.

  • Gideon Gideon

    20% OFF Mt. Batur Volcano Sunrise Trek / Private Path Hike

    20% OFF Mt. Batur Volcano Sunrise Trek / Private Path Hike Our pick up was punctual and driver was friendly. They will whatsapp you ahead of the pick up if you provide them with your number.

    Our guide for the trek was even better. Do look out for Adi or Hardy(Middle in picture). Im not sure of the spelling but he is a gem.

    He knew i was a slow trekker due to my weight but he did not rush me at any point. If anything he made it a point that i had enough rest. Always encouraging.

    Halfway through he offered to carry my bag though they didnt need to help with that. Towards the summit, seeing me struggling a bit more, he literally held my hand and pulled me up the mountain for the last stretch.

    Just amazing fella all in all. We had a wonderful experience with the beauty of the sunrise and it was made better by a good and caring guide.