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Results 1 - 36 of 105 Experiences

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  • Thomas Thomas

    Canyoning in Bali: An Unforgettable Waterfall Adventure!

    Canyoning in Bali: An Unforgettable Waterfall Adventure! I have been on four Canyoning trips (Chile, Peru, Colombia and Bali) and this was by far the best one that I have done! The guides were phenomenal and very helpful and supportive with my girlfriend throughout the parts of the course which required reassurance (eg 7m jump and 20m abseil). It really made the difference to her enjoying the day! The sights were absolutely stunning, and could not have been viewed without Canyoning through it. The experience was also a great balance of repelling down/through waterfalls, jumping into rock pools, zip lining and using waterfalls as water slides. I haven't been on any other canyoning trip which has offered such a vast array of fun obstacles to navigate. Thank you to Unger and the rest of the team for such a great day!

  • Kirk Kirk

    10% OFF Mt. Batur Volcano Sunrise Trek / Private Path Hike

    10% OFF Mt. Batur Volcano Sunrise Trek / Private Path Hike Great fun and one heck of an experience. The host was welcoming and the guides are top notch.

    Thanks to the journey.

  • Nausicaa Nausicaa

    10% OFF Hike Up Mount Agung - Bali's Highest Peak

    10% OFF Hike Up Mount Agung - Bali's Highest Peak I have to say this was one of the most intense experiences I have ever had. My passion is hiking but for anyone even remotely afraid of heights, this is horrific. Having said that, I was blessed with an awesome guide Gede Pastasia who even held my hand at one point at the top to help. Very encouraging and experienced. Thank you Gede and Voyagin for that crazy experience

  • Caleb Caleb

    10% OFF Hike Up Mount Agung - Bali's Highest Peak

    10% OFF Hike Up Mount Agung - Bali's Highest Peak Our guides were knowledgeable and well-equipped. The climb itself was physically arduous and we barely made it in time for the summit, but the view was truly a wonder to behold. In hindsight however, a guide is not really necessary given that the trail to the summit is very much laid out - but we took it that we were paying for the car ride there and the settling of the toll fees and whatnot. However, given that the guides that could be hired there on-the-spot offered my cheaper rates and that the guides we were provided are paid no more than ~$5 dollars a day, we think that this package needs to be more fairly priced; we paid $100 per person.

  • Daniel Daniel

    10% OFF Hike Up Mount Agung - Bali's Highest Peak

    10% OFF Hike Up Mount Agung - Bali's Highest Peak It seemed like the climb upwards was endless but mind over body, one foot after another, we were at the top. Looking back, it was one of the most memorable journeys I've ever made. Having never scaled a mountain before, I was determined to make my first climb a rather challenging one and Mt.Agung did not disappoint.

    Climbing together with one other friend, who like me, is an inexperienced hiker, we were picked up punctually at 10pm from Ubud to make our way to our starting point at Bersakih. Started off braving the humid jungle in the dark and as I climbed higher, the temperature dropped steadily.

    By the time I reached the summit, it was close to freezing cold (9 Degrees Celsius). The harsh winds didn't help either and I was shivering uncontrollably; don't let the picture fool you.

    However, it was the descend that was more challenging. After the many hours climbing up, my legs felt like giving way. The heaviest strains were on the quads and calves... As a result, I suffered many bruises on my butt from the countless slips on the way down. Body's still aching even 24hrs after the climb.

    Overall, it was a hell of an experience. The view was breathtaking and I'm sure to remember this journey for the rest of my life. Actually, I'm looking forward to my next climb! Which mountain shall it be this time...

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