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Results 1 - 27 of 27 Experiences

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  • Sammy Sammy

    Scenic Ubud & Kintamani Volcano Tour

    Scenic Ubud & Kintamani Volcano Tour Great host. Would definitely recommend. Prepare for a long day though and bring snacks! We had an awesome time and our guide was able to tell us all about the history of each site we visited.

  • Gemma Gemma

    Bali Tour: Explore The Best Of Bali with the Best Guides

    Bali Tour: Explore The Best Of Bali with the Best Guides We where met by our driver Putu at the lobby of our hotel. We were met by a well air conditioned and spacious vehicle. From there are minds were immediately put at ease knowing that we would be seated in comfort throughout the days planned excursion. After our introduction with our driver,he began to explain the various elements of Balinese culture and customs that would be usually unavailable on large generic tours throughout the island. The conversation was very informal which made us feel that our guide and tour was very personal and catered directly for our needs. As we had little knowledge of the island and all it had to offer,Putu was only too happy to give us suggestions about destinations and activities that would typically not be known to travellers or even on most travel websites. We really felt we got the most from our trip as a result of stopping at these hidden gems. Putu was also very flexible in terms of time. We were able to spend as much or little time at these stops which gave us complete freedom throughout our day. Overall, it was an amazing day all thanks to an amazing tour guide to which we now consider our friend.

  • Tiffany Tiffany

    Bali Tour: Explore The Best Of Bali with the Best Guides

    Bali Tour: Explore The Best Of Bali with the Best Guides This tour has received quite good reviews, so I decided to book one for myself. It was smooth and straightforward - Nyoman was quick to respond.

    My driver and guide for the day was Yogi, an outgoing and cheerful guy. He arrived on time and reviewed the customized itinerary that I requested. Due to considerations such as traffic and distance, he gave me several options, saying that we couldn't fit everything in a day. I really appreciated that he took the time to help me narrow down my itinerary and make it more feasible. He then showed me around and explained a lot about Balinese culture and the spots that we visited. He also helped me out when I asked for recommended restaurants.

    For women traveling alone, safety can be a concern, but my tour with Yogi proceeded safely and smoothly. Overall, Yogi was very professional, helpful, and knowledgeable, and I would definitely book another tour with him if I return to Bali. Thank you, Nyoman and Yogi, for the fantastic experience!

  • Abhishek Abhishek

    Bali World Heritage Sites Tour

    Bali World Heritage Sites Tour Very bad experience. They charged so high and still there was no guide as promised while booking. Only driver was taking us around the places which we could have got very cheap here. I will like to get my money back.

    Whatsapp - 8107045904

  • Casey Casey

    Visit the Sekumpul waterfalls - Bali's most beautiful falls!

    Visit the Sekumpul waterfalls - Bali's most beautiful falls! I had seen photos of the waterfall but actually seeing it up close is incredible. It's a beautiful area and whilst the hike is quite steep, it is definitely worth it. Being able to swim under one of the smaller (less painful!) waterfalls is really refreshing and fun. There is a Rp 150,000 entrance and guide fee per person which I didn't know about, but it would probably be cheaper if you didn't get a guide. However, our guides were great and really funny plus you learn a lot from them about the area. On the way back, stopping to view Mt Batur was fascinating and the coffee plantation was also a really interesting and tasty experience. Overall, I would definitely recommend this tour as it is a great way to escape the cushy tourist hub and see some of the beautiful Bali landscapes you would otherwise not see.

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