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Results 1 - 13 of 13 Experiences

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  • Peter Peter

    25% OFF Nusa Penida Snorkelling - Swim with The Manta Rays

    25% OFF Nusa Penida Snorkelling - Swim with The Manta Rays Absolutely fantastic trip. So well looked after by a great team. The driver and the guide (Bo) were amazing and made sure we got the most out of our trip. Lots of manta rays. Well done guys. Would definitely recommend this.

  • Nathanik Nathanik

    25% OFF Nusa Penida Snorkelling - Swim with The Manta Rays

    25% OFF Nusa Penida Snorkelling - Swim with The Manta Rays Big thanks to Tatang, Ketut, the monkey man and the team for making this trip such an amazing journey despite some rain that we had.
    **The staffs at LWS are very attentive and helpful**
    We saw 3 big mantas, 2.5meters and the snorkeling spots are simply wonderful, very colorful with many nice small fish.
    The SUP in the mangrove was lovely.. please bring your mosquito repellent though.

    Highly recommend! And I definitely will come back again!

  • Davide Davide

    25% OFF Nusa Penida Snorkelling - Swim with The Manta Rays

    25% OFF Nusa Penida Snorkelling - Swim with The Manta Rays Shortly: above all the trip is nice, two of the three snorkeling spots are really amazing, the tour is well organized and the staff is super nice. The mangroove tour is nice aswell but way too short.

    I don't give 5 stars because the potential of this tour is really high and in my opinion there is room for improvement. First thing: we were lucky enough to spot at least four mantas at the first snorkeling stop, which is itself really nice due to the presence of a crack full of fishes at the bottom. It was awesome, but after 20 or so minutes we were pulled out of the water. Why? Most of the people won't ever have the chance to swim with mantas ever again and the title of this activity is "swim with the mantas". Give me 10 minutes more, not 10 less, then if you need time for the schedule take it from the lunch break or the second snorkeling stop which is really nothing special. Anyway.. The third snorkeling point is really cool and unique.

    Second thing: during lunch time we were asked if we preferred sup, kayak or gondola for the mangrove tour. We picked sups. Unfortunately there are only 4 sups for roughly 20 people, so the staff decided we had to switch to kayaking, we were really looking forward to sup in the mangroves but I can understand. I don't know with which criteria the sups were assigned, but I started to have some doubts about it on the way back when we crossed people sitting on the sup, using it as a.. Kayak. Maybe it would make sense to give sups to somebody that can actually use it or much better make few more available. And once again, the experience was very nice, but really too short.

  • Yezaz Yezaz

    Castaway Cruise to Penida Island on a Luxury Catamaran

    Castaway Cruise to Penida Island on a Luxury Catamaran The cruise is a good experience but is not advisable for people who get sea sick easily. Its atleast a 2 hour one way cruise with non stop rocking back and forth on the cruise. Please carry medications for nausea and ideally take the pill atleast 30 mins before start of the cruise. Keep a bottle of water. Also I recommend lying down on the floor of the cruise if you get nauseated, they provide small mattresses.

    The island is beautiful and in fact it has hotels and people stay there for days. If you are not a part of the cruise party I do recommend staying on the island for a day or two.

    Snorkeling is fun with clear light blue waters. They provide reasonable quality snorkels and fins. Ask for a life jacket to enjoy the most of the snorkeling because swimming and trying to keep yourself afloat will make you tired and a life jacket will be a better option allowing you to enjoy the views.

    Scuba diving is fun although I recommend it for only those people who are certified divers. Overall the experience is great.

  • Fabia Fabia

    Aphrodisiac Picnic in Bed - Sunset Romance on the Beachfront

    Aphrodisiac Picnic in Bed - Sunset Romance on the Beachfront We had a great time, thank you to Hotel Tugu for the hospitality. At first I tried to email the hotel directly 3 times but didn't get an answer then found this voucher online so thought I would buy it and book through voyogin instead. They didn't get back to us straight away so I called them in the morning to check the reservation then I got my confirmation through shortly after.
    We were very lucky, we got the bed by the ocean, I didn't request this but I did make sure they knew it was my husband's birthday. We are quite fussy with meats and only eat beef, chicken and fish and I let them know and they were very good at taking out the bacon from the salad and changing one of the beef starters which contained duck to the chicken starter. I also requested a birthday cake which they brought out and blindfolded my husband which was lots of fun! The food was fantastic! We had the beef menu and the steaks were so yummy - compliments to the chef!
    The staff were so friendly and happy to help. It was a great experience, a little pricey but worth it! There were 3 other beds and people arrived at different times, if you are worried about being close to other people, it's fine - you get alot of space and privacy. 10/10 experience.

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