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  • Lee Lee

  • Yoriko Yoriko

    Cook Babi Guling in a Local Balinese Compound Near Ubud

    Cook Babi Guling in a Local Balinese Compound Near Ubud We only stayed in Ubud for 2 days but this was the best experience we had. Pak Rai took us to his traditional Balinese house and we prepared the dishes together. We arrived a bit late so we didn't get to see the market and the pig was already prepared for us, but there was still a lot to do, including grinding the spices with a stone mortar and pestle, and all of it was really fun. The food we ended up with was amazing. Pak Rai explained to us the meaning of each building in the temple in his house, and we also got to meet his family. After our babi guling feast, we had the option of stopping by a nearby Luwak Coffee cafe/farm and a silver workshop. We were tired so we just went to the coffee place. The cafe lets you try different flavored coffee and tea drinks for free (I loved the ginger coffee and durian coffee), and luwak coffee (coffee taken from the poop of luwak, a local racoon-like mammal) for Rp. 500,000 (about 5 USD), which is not bad. You get to see real luwak and coffee plants, and how the coffee beans get processed traditionally. Last but not least, Pak Rai was a nice host and fun to talk to. With airport/hotel pickup included (we discovered that this is the part that costs the most in Bali, at least in the Ubud area), and with the unique experience and great food and hospitality, this package was the best value for money we got in Ubud.

  • Carsten Carsten

    Kecak Dance & Seafood Dinner : Uluwatu Sunset Tour

    Kecak Dance & Seafood Dinner : Uluwatu Sunset Tour My wife and I did this tour on March 29th 2017 as a cruise excursion (our ship stayed in Benoa over night). Our guide's name was Yansu and he did a very good job in explaining to us the temple and everything we saw on the way there.
    The Kecak dance is fascinating and it alone is worth the visit (although it is hard to understand the first half of the performance if you don't know the Ramayana). Sadly all the time during the dance visitor groups were arriving and leaving, so try to find a seat at the top of the arena. Otherwise you will spend half the show time shuffling around to make space for people going up or down the seat rows.
    Our dinner on Jimbaran was tasty and very romantic. We sat only 10-15 m from the sea in the first row and we enjoyed it very much. The menu was pre-booked but changing something (no fish, vegetarian, etc. - in my case exchanging the squid for some more prawns) was no problem. You just have tell them as early as possible (we did it at the booking).
    All together it was a memorable experiance that we can recommend to everyone! :-)

  • Elaine Elaine

    Tailor-Make Your Own Traditional Balinese Outfit

    Tailor-Make Your Own Traditional Balinese Outfit My sister and I had a wonderful time with Sri in April 2017. She and her husband Rai picked us up and we went and picked out fabric for our outfit. Next to the trailer . 5 days later we were picked up and taken by Sri to get our hair and makeup done before putting on our new lovely outfits. We then went to the water temple were before entering Rai and Sri explained the process we were about to do for the offering we would be participating in. It was a wonderful experience and we felt very fortunate to have participated in this holy experience. This was a unique and special memory to bring home and would encourage others to do this too. Thanks Sri

  • Grace Grace

    Kecak Dance & Seafood Dinner : Uluwatu Sunset Tour

    Kecak Dance & Seafood Dinner : Uluwatu Sunset Tour The trip could be much better but the guide was impolite and didn't even properly introduce himself to us. He just let us walk around the park and tell us to go in the show when it starts. He shouldn't be in the tourism industry if he doesn't like tourists.