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Results 1 - 34 of 34 Experiences

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  • Phoebe Phoebe

    Create your own Piece of Silver Jewelry

    Create your own Piece of Silver Jewelry I had such a good time at this course! Ayu was a great teacher and a lovely host, and the setting was gorgeous. I came out with a wonderful ring at the end of it! Snacks and a drink were provided, as was transport which was extremely helpful. Would highly recommend :)

  • Amanda Amanda

    Create your own Piece of Silver Jewelry

    Create your own Piece of Silver Jewelry Would highly recommend this to anyone with an interest in jewellery making or just trying something new!

  • Darren Darren

    Learn to Carve Fruits

    Learn to Carve Fruits Had a great time carving a watermelon. The instructor was nice and patient and the workshop was in a great setting. Ended up very happy with my finished design. You are using some very sharp implements so probably not recommended for younger people.

  • Sabrina Sabrina

    Make your own Prayer Bead Necklace or 'Mala'

    Make your own Prayer Bead Necklace or 'Mala' I had wanted to learn to make traditional Mala bead necklaces for awhile. This experience is very private and small. There are about 5 working stations. The teacher is very helpful. Although they had limited supplies to make jewelry with. I wish they had a better selection of beads. They hardly had anything. It is more of a store as opposed to a place for a class. The teacher explained that she had a baby 2 weeks ago. So I just thought she had been too busy to get products. We chose from the limited amount of beads. Then you are supposed to choose a pendant to put on. Everyone we picked was gone. I had brought things from home luckily but I felt bad for my friends because they basically had to just pick whatever was left. Which had little meaning to them. I had imagined a wall full of beads to choose from. Nice music in the background, a meditative experience and a cool product to take home. If this is your vision too, this is not really it. The staff was nice but other than that it wasn't really the experience I was looking for. I hired a driver from Ubud (about an hour with traffic) and paid for 3 of us to take the class. I have mixed feelings because the teacher was nice but without her I feel the rest of it was not really worth it. I would make sure they have a better selection of materials before you sign up.

  • Laura Laura

    Wood Carving with a Professional

    Wood Carving with a Professional Me and my husband have just done the wood carving today with Made and we throughly enjoyed our experience from start to finish! Made was very welcoming and nothing was too much trouble! we learnt the skills required to make our own wood carvings and soon realised how hard this is and what skill is required in doing this! But we have it ago! Would defiantly recommend!

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