What's Robot Restaurant

Nestled at the heart of Tokyo's Shinjuku district, the world-famous Robot Restaurant is a must-see attraction belonging on any complete itinerary of Japan.

This out-of-this world extravaganza of laser shows and gigantic robot monsters, costumed dancers and metallic guitarists, neon lights and golden furniture in the glitzy lobby is sure to leave you reeling. Guaranteed one of the strangest experiences of your trip – only in Japan!

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What people are saying

  • 5stars The craziest, loudest, brightest, most surreal thing i have ever seen! - Dovida -

    This experience was incredible! Very surreal! No words or photos can do it justice. just 'WOW" for the minute we arrived til the moment we left. So loud, bright, energetic! A complete assault on the senses. Would recommend this evening to anyone who is travelling to Tokyo and wans to experience something a bit different. Is a show for tourists, not locals- but that did not take for the experience at all. of the 5 of us on our week trip to japan this was our overall best experience of the trip.

  • 5stars Definitely worthwhile - Grant -

    This is a high energy, high impact show that is great to watch. Nobody would be disappointed. It's non stop action and a feast for your eyes and senses. Definitely worth the visit. You can buy snacks and all sorts of different drinks so you can really relax and enjoy. We went with a group of 20 and everyone was impressed.

  • 5stars A Must See in Tokyo! - Matthew -

    What a fantastic experience! We didn't know what to expect and it didn't disappoint. The place was so colourful and quirky, the drink prices were pretty reasonable and overall definitely worth the ticket price. The robots, performers and stage effects were fantastic, there was something to see no matter your age and tastes. We would suggest it to everyone who visits Tokyo, it's a MUST SEE!

  • 4stars Japan in a nutshell - Jeremy -

    Walking into the restaurant, we didn't know what to expect. While we waited for the show to start, we sat at the bar area listening to daft punk playing classical jazz. When the show started, there was so much going on, you didn't know where to look. The robots are cool and they definitely put on a great show. Highly recommended if you want to experience the full full of the craziness and weirdness of Japan

  • 5stars Great time - Rickey -

    The online reservation made it easy to get my ticket and pass to the front of the wait line. Waited in their waiting room until the show started and then smiled and laughed almost the whole show. Just was a fun night, it's completely something different everyone should try.

  • 5stars So mind blowing! - Kahho -

    You can see the cast has put a lot of effort and planning into the stories and performances they show. There is no complex plot but I think that's the charm; it plays to wacky Japanese stereotypes with enthusiasm. The actual waiting room area and corridors are so elaborate with decorations is much like the show: there's always something crazier to look at xD

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