What is Pachinko all about?

Anyone who has ever visited Japan has probably wondered what these pachinko parlors that can be seen everywhere. Crazy loud with flashing neon lights trike the passengers walking the streets. Are they gambling casinos? Surely, many visitors have asked such a question. In fact, it said that 1 out of every 10 people plays pachinko. So, this Entertainment is loved by many Japanese people. Pachinko is similar to pinball game, and this is the game that how many balls you can increase by hitting a jackpot. The winning balls can exchange into exciting prizes!
Mmm…! Seems interesting!
So, one of Voyagin’s team members entered the pachinko parlor to learn more about this specific Japanese culture.

Pachinko Teaching Class in Ginza?

Ginza is a popular tourist area for shopping and sightseeing, you can experience the Japanese culture in nearby Kabuki-za Theater and Tsukiji Fish Market. Now you can visit Ginza for one more reason: to attend a pachinko class! In this class you will learn about culture of pachinko, as well as how to play the game! The class will be in English or Chinese, and there are real pachinko machines so, you can practice until you understand. After you have learned how to play, time to go to real pachinko parlor and experience the game!

Enter the Pachinko parlor!

Visited P-ARK Ginza, a large pachinko parlor located just in front of Ginza’s Kabuki-za Theater. Of course there are many other parlors in the area, but this one is particularly friendly and welcoming for foreign visitors. P-ARK Ginza provides many things. Free Wi-Fi, relaxing toilets, free hot and cold green tea and mobile phone chargers. In addition, there is a prize corner with various items that appeal to foreign visitors. However, one of the most attractive features of the parlor is that it is completely non-smoking! There are about 12,000 pachinko parlors in Japan and most of them allow smoking. Having a non-smoking parlor is wonderful service! I can guarantee that the place is very clean inside and no need to worry about smell of cigarette. And for the smokers there is a separated smoking room provided.

Free Service at the Parlour

  • Free Wi-Fi Service
  • Clean Toilets
  • Mobile Phone Chargers
  • Free Hot & Cold Green Tea
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  • No Smoking
  • Free Locker
  • Free Blanket

What are the prizes?

Pachinko prizes have various things from daily items to electronic devices. You can win even real gold! (Wow!) Attractive feature of Pachinko, can play as a game and can get prizes. Now you understand why many Japanese people are so passionate about winning various prizes.

Is pachinko illegal gambling?

Wait a minute…Isn’t playing for gold called gambling? Isn’t gambling illegal in Japan? Will I be punished if the police find out that I’m playing pachinko? Let’s make it clear: there’s nothing to worry about! Pachinko is strictly classified as a “game”. So, pachinko is allowed under the Japanese law. In other words, the pachinko parlor is an amusement where you can win exciting prizes. It is not gambling. It is mass Entertainment facility.

How can I get Prizes?

It’s quite simple!
pachinko is similar to pinball game and is the game that how many balls you can increase by hitting a jackpot. The more you win, you can increase balls and the winning balls can exchange into prizes!

Choose your Favorite Machine!

When you entered the pachinko parlor, you’ll notice that there are so many interesting machines! You might get confused about which one to choose. The instructor from the pachinko teaching class will accompany you and explain about the differences of the machines.

Different Rates of Pachinko balls

There are three different rates of pachinko balls. There are 4yen, 1yen and 0.2yen.
This means that the same number of balls will be rated differently when you exchange them into prizes. For example: you played on the 4yen pachinko and you won 10,000balls.
10,000×4yen=40,000JPY worth of prizes. If you played on the 1yen pachinko, you will be able to get the prizes worth of exactly 10,000JPY. The same numbers of ball from the 0.2yen pachinko will mean that you won prizes worth of 2,000JPY As mentioned above, the rates of pachinko ball are 4yen, 1yen and 0.2yen. Try first the 0.2yen pachinko as a practice. Then once you’ve got the skills, why not to try the higher rates? That’s why deciding the rate in advance is also one of the Entertaining aspects of pachinko.

Different Probabilities of Jackpot

After you decide on your preferred rate type, it’s time to choose the probability of jackpot! Each machine has a winning probability. The machine with lower winning probability, you can earn lots of balls when you hit the jackpot. And the machine with the higher winning probability, few balls can be earned. So, it means that a challenger would play the highest rate (4yen pachinko) with the lower winning probability (1/319). For the beginners, we recommend playing on the lower rates (1yen or 0.2yen pachinko) with the high winning probabilities (1/40~1/99).

To sum up, when you choosing a pachinko machine the important things are the Rates of pachinko balls, the winning probabilities and how many balls you can increase when you hit the jackpot. Consult the instructor and pick your favorite machine! Then it’s time to put into practice what you learned at the class. Will I win on the machine I choose? It’s so exciting!

Win the Game!

Just in a few minutes, the three numbers are lined up! 777! I hit the jackpot! How lucky I am! Many winning balls came out! But, all I can say is whether you win will depend on your luck! If you’re lucky, just one ball might be enough for the big win! So, I was quite lucky today!

How to count the winning balls?

I’d like to keep playing but I also want to see more of Ginza, so after an hour of exciting game I wrap it up. Now, how many balls did I win? I don’t feel like counting this so many little balls…. But no worries! A device on the machine counts them automatically and records the number on my IC card. Now all I have to do is show my IC card at the prize counter. So easy!

Let’s exchange into prizes!

This time I won 8,000 balls. I played in 1yen pachinko. My prize will be worth of 8,000JPY. I played for 1,000JPY so this is a great return of play. The piece of gold is also tempting but, this time I’ll get souvenirs for my family and friends! It was great fun! In Ginza, you can eat delicious Sushi, watch a kabuki play, shop around and you could also attend a pachinko teaching class! Next time, I’ll try 4yen pachinko!

Finally, in playing pachinko whether you win will depend on your luck!
It is recommended that you decide your budget in advance.

※This article is written under original report of Voyagin.