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Reasons for choosing NINJA WiFi

Flat rate plan + large data capacity

With a fixed rate based only on the days you use Ninja WiFi, you can rest easy and use the internet without having to worry about expensive fees. Furthermore, data usage is unlimited!
Please be aware that if your usage exceeds 3GB in 1 day it can result in a reduction of speed, and possibly a temporary loss of connection.

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High speed internet anytime, anywhere.

LAN cables are available only at Airports and Hotels in Japan as they are no longer commonly used. That means it’s difficult to connect to the internet freely which is why we recommend NINJA WiFi! NINJA WiFi provides portable WiFi routers which enable you to use high speed internet at anytime, anywhere in Japan.

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Allows multiple devices to connect at once.

The portable WiFi router allows multiple devices to connect at once, so that multiple people can benefit from this great opportunity on whichever device they are using. That means multiple PC’s, smartphones and tablets can all be connected at once and utilized by your family.

※To connect to the WiFi Router devices will need to be WiFi enabled.

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Do you want to use the internet
during your stay in Japan?
If you do, NINJA WiFi is the best option for you!

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