• SUKIYABASHI JIRO at Roppongi


    Reserve the Most Famous Sushi Restaurant, Jiro in Roppongi!

    What better place to eat sushi than at the most famous sushi restaurant in the world, Jiro! Sukiyabashi Jiro was made famous after the movie "Jiro dreams of Sushi".

  • SUSHI SAITO at Ginza


    Reserve seats for Sushi Saito, Japan's best sushi restaurant

    Sushi Saito in Roppongi, Tokyo, is one of Japan's best known sushi restaurants with a Michelin 3-star rating. CNN Travel described Sushi Saito as a "hidden gem", and it is also included every year in the prestigious list of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants.

  • UMI at Gaienmae


    Dine at Umi, the perfect place to enjoy delicacies of Japan!

    Umi in Gaienmae, Tokyo has been chosen as a Michelin-2 star restaurant for 6 years in a row. Enjoy sushi made with exquisite ingredients sent daily directly from Tsukiji fish market!




  • sushi of Tuna Tuna 鮪

    Considered the King of sushi toppings. It comes in different varieties: lean, medium-fatty, high-quality marble.

  • sushi of Salmon Salmon サーモン

    A classic sushi topping present in most sushi sets.

  • sushi of Shrimp Shrimp 海老

    There are various Shrimp-topped sushi types in Japan.

  • sushi of Yellowtail Yellowtail ハマチ・ブリ

    A classic sushi topping present in most sushi sets.

  • sushi of Ark shell Ark shell 赤貝

    The meat of the ark shell is tender and easy to chew.

  • sushi of Salmon roe Salmon roe いくら

    Delicate and creamy salmon roe topping that is beautifully arranged.

  • sushi of Sea urchin Sea urchin 雲丹

    It has a thick buttery taste and is considered a delicacy.

  • sushi of Conger eel Conger eel 穴子

    This sushi is usually eaten at the end of the set, covered with a sweet sauce.

  • sushi of Flounder edge Flounder edge えんがわ

    The meat from the fins of the flounder fish has a strong, pleasant taste.

  • sushi of Horse mackerel Horse mackerel 鯵

    This is a popular type of fish eaten in many different ways in Japan.

  • sushi of Mackerel Mackerel 鯖

    Another popular type of fish with a specific rich taste.

  • sushi of Scallop Scallop 帆立

    A popular type of sushi eaten throughout the entire year.


Both eating with fingers and with chopsticks is acceptable. Proper etiquette commands that you should never put wasabi in the soy sauce dish – or any wasabi at all, because the chef has already added the necessary quantity of the condiment for each individual sushi piece. Another less-known rule states that you should dip only the seafood topping in the soy sauce and not the rice itself. However, do not divide the rice and the topping when you do that. Instead, turn around the sushi piece, slightly dip it into the soy sauce and eat it with the topping on your tongue. Isn't this so delicious!

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  • picture of wasabi Wasabi

    Those who find the taste of wasabi (Japanese horseradish) too strong can order sushi pieces without flavouring.

  • picture of gali Gari

    Pickled ginger whose sweet and sour taste goes well with the seafood.

  • picture of miso-soup Miso soup

    A hot miso soup with a fish-based broth that you must try together with sushi.

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