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From the birds’ eye view offered by Kyoto Tower right outside Kyoto Station, to the tranquil Arashiyama bamboo forest, discover the eternal beauty of Kyoto.


Ten minutes away from the Osaka Station is the majestic Osaka Castle, which offers a vantage view of Osaka atop a hill. Don’t miss the latest attractions at USJ.


Check out not only Nagoya castle but the night life at the Sakae entertainment district, where you can tuck into the soul food of miso katsu cutlets.


See Miyajima,where the Itsukushima shrine is located, which is acclaimed as one Japan's top three scenic views, and take in the poignant sight of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial.


Be amazed by the ultimate metropolis that boasts not just one, but two Disneylands – Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneysea, and get a glimpse of Mt.Fuji from the Tokyo SkyTree, the tallest structure in Japan, or from the Tokyo Tower. For fashionistas, Tokyo is a haven for picking up the latest fashions and trends.


bullet train map


The Shinkansen bullet train connects most major cities in Japan, which makes it very convenient for sightseeing trips. Be sure to try the bullet train at least once during your travel to Japan!



How to read Shinkansen tickets?

How to read Shinkansen tickets

What stations should I use for my departure and arrival?

The stations depend on the cities you will depart from and arrive at. Please check the routes listed above to see all the stations that are on bullet train lines.

Can I choose the exact bullet train I want for my tickets?

The bullet train schedule varies depending on the day, time of day, and route. When you make your booking, please chose your preferred departure date/time so we can buy tickets for the train that best matches your schedule.

Is it possible to change the time slot after I make my booking?

It's possible to exchange your ticket for a different time slot if you make the change before your current ticket date/time at a JR help desk in any major JR station.

Are there 2 tickets per person for one way?

You need both the basic fare ticket and the limited express ticket to ride the Bullet Train (Shinkansen). The basic fare ticket and limited express tickets are usually issued as 1 ticket as of left: If it is displayed as "乗車券・新幹線特急券", this means both are on one ticket. However, if you receive 2 separate tickets (basic fare ticket and limited express ticket), please insert your 2 tickets in the automatic ticket gate together simultaneously.

What is a designated seat?

Designated seats are reserved seats. Your seat will be specified on your ticket.

Can I still use my ticket if I miss my train time?

In case you miss the exact train for your ticket, your ticket is still valid for a non-designed seat on a later train on the same day only. Your tickets are invalid and cannot be used the following day after your ticket date.

Is there a timetable for the bullet train?

The bullet train schedule varies depending on the day, time of day, and route. However for most routes, the bullet train runs every 10-15 minutes. When you make your booking, please choose your preferred departure date/time so we can buy tickets for the train that best matches your schedule.

Is it possible to bring luggage on the bullet train?

There is luggage space between each car on the train, but please note the space is limited. In addition, there is space to put smaller luggage in overhead luggage compartments.

If you are taking the Tokaido/Sanyo/Kyushu Shinkansen with oversized baggage (length, width, and height add up to between 160cm–250cm), you will have to make a reservation for a space in the oversized baggage area. Reservations can be made at the ticket counter for free. If no reservation is made, you will be charged a fee of 1000 JPY on board and will have to store your baggage in an area designated by the train attendants. Baggage measuring over 250cm are not allowed on board.

Let's try EKIBEN

Ekiben are bento lunch boxes sold at Shinkansen stations. It is a common practice in Japan to have a delicious meal while watching the beautiful scenery from the train window. You can buy ekiben from the stations or on the platform. Each different place offers different local tastes. Have a casual lunch with ekiben during your long-distance train ride!