One of the best ways to enjoy the autumn foliage in Japan is to simply hop on a bus tour that will take you to various scenic destinations. With plenty of bus tours departing from Tokyo and Kyoto, momijigari, or maple leaf hunting, has never been easier. Experience the colours of fall while riding a railway train through a gorge, or take in the spendor of crimson and gold at a World Heritage Site in Kyoto.


Catching the sight of Mt.Fuji framed by autumn leaves is a must-do when in Japan. Choose from bus tours departing from Tokyo offering views of Japan’s most iconic mountain from Yamanashi Prefecture or from Shizuoka Prefecture!

Sightseeing in Tokyo


Kyoto decked in autumn colors is a sight not to be missed. Make the most of your time in Kyoto with these tours that will take you on popular courses to various World Heritage temples, shrines and gardens and scenic walking trails in the Kibune mountains.

Sightseeing in Kyoto

Autumn Food

Autumn is known as the season for feasting on the bounty of nature, from fish to produce such as corn, potatoes, pumpkins, persimmons, peaches, grapes and pears are harvested. Hop on a food-themed bus tour and enjoy the tastes of autumn at its freshest by picking fruits at the farm and eating them on the spot, as well as at all-you-can-eat buffets and barbeques at the farm.

Fruit Picking

From the succulent Kyoho grapes that Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan is famous for, to strawberries and chestnuts, don’t miss this chance to go autumn fruit picking on a convenient bus tour!

Autumn Fruit Picking


Savor the full and rich flavors of fall, such as Matsutake mushrooms and chestnuts, on an all-you-can-eat bus tour, or enjoy sushi, sukiyaki, crab or BBQ buffets on one of these bus tours!

Autumn Food

Guided Tour

Get shown by a professional guide the best spots from which to take postcard perfect shots in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nikko or Miyajima. From dramatic waterfalls and gorges covered in lush fall colors, and picturesque viewpoints at famous sightseeing attractions, let insiders show you their recommended viewpoints, and learn about the history and culture of the area as well.


The historical and traditional gardens of Rikugien and sprawling Shinjuku Gyoen make for a scenic stroll with plenty of photo opportunities. For an autumn enjoyable trek, head to Mount Takao in the West of Tokyo and enjoy a beer at the peak! culture of the area as well.

Guided Tour in Tokyo


Visiting Kyoto in autumn is like walking into a picture book. From the colorful mountain foliage and river at Arashiyama, to the sea of momiji that can be seen from Kiyomizudera and the contrast of crimson on gold at the Kinkakuji temple, there’s too much to see and never enough time!

Guided Tour in Kyoto


Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture becomes even more spectacular with red, yellow and golden leaves framing the World Heritage Toshogun Shrine. Here you can also see one of Japan’s most beautiful waterfalls, the Kegon Waterfall, which leads to Lake Chuzenji, another autumn leaf hot spot.

Guided Tour in Tokyo


Miyajima island in Hiroshima prefecture boasts one of the top three scenic sights in Japan, the Itsukushima Shrine which looks like it is floating in the ocean. Have fun feeding the many deer here, believed to be sacred messengers.

Guided Tour in Miyajima
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