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Harmonious Co-Existance Between Nature and People

Satoyama Area

The Satoyama area in Ise-Shima is the mountainous inner area of the National Park. A place where people have co-existed with nature over time, living between the sato (village) and yama (mountain). The area includes Mt. Asama, the highest mountain in the National Park, towering at an elevation of 555 meters. The mountain’s entrance is home to the first of 22 stone markers that lead to the summit. Located near the summit of the mountain is Asamadake Kongoshoji, which overlooks the town of Ise. Traditionally, pilgrims visited the temple before making their way to the sacred shrine in Ise. The temple’s main building is designated as a National Important Cultural Property. A special sight that visitors can enjoy at the temple is the Buddhist statue that is only shown to the public every 20 years.


Culture of the Coastal Area

Ama Diving and Pearl Cultivation

Step into the timeless culture of Ise-Shima from its Ama female divers, pearl production, abundance of seafood, fishermen villages and boundless sea sports. Thanks to the prolonged interaction between the people and nature, the marine and coastal landscapes have been well-nurtured throughout centuries. In the Satoumi area, Ama diving has been traced since ancient times but present-day divers still dive without the use of modern equipment. With an average age of 65 years old, the strong-willed female divers are dedicated to keeping the tradition alive. The world's pearl cultivation industry started in Ago Bay, Ise-Shima’s crowned sea jewel. It is the perfect place for pearl farming due to its rias coastline, islands and sheltered waters. Being a coastal region, Ise-Shima is blessed with a rich supply of seafood and offers an array of sea sports.

2 DAY TRIP / 1st day
12:35Overnight at HamajimaLeave Tokyo on the 7:50 Shinkansen, change at Nagoya, take a bus from Iseshi, arriving 12:38 at Hamajima the day before touring.
9:30Fishing Town Local Food TourMeet the locals on a back-alley walking food tour. Taste local specialties and experience the fishing village life for an hour.
16:00Glamping and BBQ at Strawberry BeachGo glamping by Strawberry Beach, and enjoy a luxurious stay with nature on your doorstep. Optionally, add yoga, surfing, or SUP.
23:00Fall asleep to the sound of the oceanSleep in a tent under millions of beautiful stars, and let the sound of the waves soothe you to sleep.
2 DAY TRIP / 2nd day
8:00Breakfast at the glamping siteWalk along the beach in the early morning, then enjoy breakfast in nature, included in the glamping experience.
10:30Move to Ujiyamada StationTake a bus from Shijima Nokyo Zen Bus Stop to Kintetsu Ugata Station, then a train to Ujiyamada Station.
12:00Make Your Own Pearl JewelryAt Pearl Falco Ise Gallery choose your favorite color pearl, bead cap, or string cord, and make an accessory to treasure forever.
13:00Have lunch around Ujiyamada StationLunch near Ujiyamada Station, then on to your next adventure. Perhaps a stay at Toba Bay, to go fishing with a local guide?
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