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1 - 3에 대한 검색 결과

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  • Katherine Katherine

    Volunteer as a zoo keeper

    Volunteer as a zoo keeper There are simply not enough kind words for the volunteers that make the Safari Park function behind the scenes; and for the true love and care they bring to all the animals living in the park. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." The events of the day are almost overshadowed by the volunteers and long term volunteer staffs' true devotion to the recovery and development of every animal they help care for.
    Our host, Tat, is one of the most loving and dedicated people we have met. Her honest love for the animals in her care(from big cats to monkey's, puppies to rabbits) was evident from the moment we met our first animal-a chicken named Charlie living in the volunteer house. She made us feel welcomed, informed and involved, like old friends. She made sure we were able to spend ample time building toys and playing with the juvenile Leopards(our personal favorite experience of the day) and gave us a sampling of the many chores and tasks that are necessary to keep the animals healthy and happy.
    Some tasks from the day included: Cleaning monkey cages, cleaning enclosures, feeding animals, raw meat prep for the big cats(Leopards, Lions, Tigers)vitamins for the animals, meds for the animals receiving treatment, brushing a Binturong, and building enrichment toys. Every member of the staff we met, truly wants to see the park grow into a better environment for the animals. The staff all shared the same beautiful dedication for each animal. They all knew each individual animal's personality, preferences and needs, and shared in the same excitement for any progress the animals in recovery were making. If you want to get the real experience of volunteering at the park and being able to be up close with animals and spend your time with a group of individuals who have given their lives to see animals be treated with respect, I would not hesitate to recommend spending a day (or longer!) getting your hands dirty at the Safari Park.