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  • Dharmik Dharmik

    Explore Stylish Shops in Shibuya & Aoyama with a Local Guide

    Explore Stylish Shops in Shibuya & Aoyama with a Local Guide This was one of my favorite tours on govoyagin because I love shopping and have always wanted to visit Japan to see the new fashion trends and buy clothes. Shumi really helped me out because it was my first morning in Japan, and he rearranged his schedule to meet me and take me shopping - it was truly great and helpful to have him there to take me on this tour or I would've been completely lost navigating the big city of Tokyo! First, Shumi was a very nice and goodhearted person, taking the time to teach me Japanese culture and how shops work. The great thing about the tour was that Shumi knows his stuff - he knows all the special select boutique shops that are off the main path, and also knows the boutiques that are very popular. We went to so many different shops that had wonderful and cool styles, and Shumi helped me out with his input on what looked good and what doesn't, and how much an item costs because at times tags can be confusing. At the last part of the tour, Shumi took me to another cool place in Aoyama and I got to see more fabulous stores not just on the inside, but also on the outside because of their amazing architecture (ex: prada). I can truly saw this tour was a wonderful and helpful experience for my first day in Japan and highly recommend anyone who loves to shop to go on this tour!

  • Maria Elena Maria Elena