Things to do 6 템플스테이 in 교토

교토에 대한 템플스테이을(를) 찾고 계신가요? 교토에서의 잊지 못할 아름다운 추억을 원하신다면 독특한 여행 프로그램을 검색, 예약해보세요!

템플스테이에 대한 교토 지역에서의 후기

  • Munaf Munaf

    Join Zen Meditation Class in Kyoto

    Join Zen Meditation Class in Kyoto Rev. Taka begins by (trying) to divorce you of the preconceptions of mediation. His message is simple: meditation enhances your life and should be practiced daily. He delivers this message in a compelling way, stripping down the act of meditating away from the preconceived notions (not needed: half-lotus position, zen accouterment, a temple, hours and hours of time, etc.) and boils it down to three basic elements (needed: calm/non-distracting atmosphere, good (and comfortable) posture, and (most importantly) breathing.

    In addition it is clear that Rev. Taka is a scholar of the world around him and has a refreshing perspective on a great many things.

    If you want to do something useful and meaningful during your vacation, I would select this experience, however, keep in mind the experience is always what your bring to it.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Zen Meditation at Daisenin Temple with Tasty Green Tea

    Zen Meditation at Daisenin Temple with Tasty Green Tea This meditation was a great experience. At first I was interested in having tea at a temple but what I got was much more than that. The temple was very beautiful on it's own. The host was very kind and the experience was one to remember. I had a translator/guide for the trip that was very helpful but I think it might have been okay for the meditation portion of the experience if I did not have her. After the relaxing meditation in a very unique way, we had tea together. It was tough following the all Japanese conversation but since I know a little and had the translator it was still very nice. I have heard that tea sometimes would be had before meditation to keep you awake so it was interesting to do it after, but it made for a nice casual conclusion. I would highly recommend this experience. I have even recommended it already to a friend that will be visiting in the next few weeks!

  • Rolv-Håkon Rolv-Håkon

    Join Zen Meditation Class in Kyoto

    Join Zen Meditation Class in Kyoto I was so lucky that two other really amazing Japanese people joined me on the Zen Meditation and made the experience much better. The Zen Meditation was really interesting and the Reverend obviously had lots of knowledge from different fields and really gave a good introduction to the world of Zen meditation. The temple was one of the temples in a bigger complex of temples and the area was just filled with lots of beautiful temples.

  • Lindsay Lindsay

    Join Zen Meditation Class in Kyoto

    Join Zen Meditation Class in Kyoto I really enjoyed the meditation class, even if I was not very good at it. Reverend Taka was great and had a really nice way of explaining things. He started with removing any pre-conceived ideas one might have on mediation and then led us through the experience.
    The setting is really lovely. Set in a monastery that you would not be able to get into if you did not do this class, the setting was worth the price of admission. A beautiful old building and a lovely garden.
    After the class you get to tour the monastery and then have tea.
    One bit of advice: if you find sitting on the floor difficult, try get in as early as you can and get one of the seats.