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이케부쿠로에 대한 현지인 만나기을(를) 찾고 계신가요? 이케부쿠로에서의 잊지 못할 아름다운 추억을 원하신다면 독특한 여행 프로그램을 검색, 예약해보세요!

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1 - 3에 대한 검색 결과

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  • Sue Sue

    One day Ramen Tour in Tokyo

    One day Ramen Tour in Tokyo Shintaro is very knowledgeable about ramen and I appreciate how accommodating he was to my request even though I arranged the tour a day before. I was only able to visit two ramen places but both were delicious and highly recommended. Definitely go to Ippudo for their light tonkatsu ramen!

    He can customize your tour if you don't feel up to going to 2-3 ramen places. We took a break and went to Blue Brick lounge for cake and coffee as well so don't worry about sticking to a strict schedule.

    Ramen is my favorite food and eating in Japan is the best!