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1 - 36에 대한 검색 결과

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  • Sarah Sarah

    Private Tokyo Tsukiji Market Tour

    Private Tokyo Tsukiji Market Tour Kiyoshi was a good guide! He was responsive and gave clear meeting instructions. We were a little late but managed to catch the vegetable auction. It was interesting and not to be missed. He then brought us around the market, explaining how things work and pointing out to us interesting things that were being sold. We have never seen so many varieties of mushroom and it was eye-opening. We bought some things along the way at the outer market and went back for more shopping after the tour. The last part of the tour is to walk around the fish market seeing sellers chop and back tuna and etc.. Kiyoshi also took some photos of us, and they were great! The only thing that could be better is that it was sometimes a little hard to hear (it was noisy while walking) and understand him but we still learnt a lot. Thanks!

  • Jolyn Jolyn

    Take a Japanese Sake brewery guided tour at Saijo, Hiroshima

    Take a Japanese Sake brewery guided tour at Saijo, Hiroshima Saijo Pure Water, Pure Rice, Pure Pleasure and Great Sake People
    All you want to know about sake, Saijo (Hiroshima) is one of the place you must visit.
    The guide Kiyoshi-san will lead you into sake world from light bodied to full bodied density and meeting great people in Saijo breweries.
    Kiyoshi-san is accommodative and respond to my inquiry promptly. Thank you.

  • Eileen Eileen

    Enjoy a Sake Brewery Tour in Kobe

    Enjoy a Sake Brewery Tour in Kobe We had a great tour of 4 sake breweries, one small, and one medium and two larger ones. We learned a lot about different types of sake and the history of sake brewing. We had a great lunch at a little local place, food was delicious. Seigo is very knowledgeable about everything sake related and was able to answer all of questions. We had a lot of fun on this tour and we would highly recommend it.

  • Thierry Thierry

    Take a Fukuoka Yatai Tour and Taste the Best Local Food

    Take a Fukuoka Yatai Tour and Taste the Best Local Food Very good tour with Mami, who is really friendly and speaks perfect English. We tried plenty of food at the Yatai and had great fun.

  • Emily Emily

    Sake Tasting

    Sake Tasting I can't express enough how much I loved this experience. If you're planning as you go or keeping yourself busy and have an open night near Shinjuku and and want to try some sake in an absolutely lovely sake bar, do this! I can't imagine you'd find this spot if you weren't a native speaker. The host is absolutely lovely and she sat through our crazy questions we had, and the sake was wonderful. Our group had a very mixed experience with sake previously and we all got something out of it.

    I learned a lot, and had a lovely night, thank you Tomomi.