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  • Claudia Claudia

    Bali Honeymoon Package - 1 Day Of Luxury Experiences in Ubud

    Bali Honeymoon Package - 1 Day Of Luxury Experiences in Ubud The first half of our day was spectacular. Our guide ‘Sheriff’ picked us up on time from our hotel and drove us to the ridge walk to meet with our photographer to take photos of us for our ‘pre wedding shoot’. Although very hot, our guide made sure we were well hydrated and back to our airconditioned car in no time, same for the rice terraces - we proceeded to take more photos there. Our photographer and guide were wonderful, I would rate them 5stars.

    When it came to the second half which was the spa and dinner, we were far from impressed. The spa took us in (slightly late) and showed us to our spa lodge for 60 min treatment which I must admit was absolutely spectacular and relaxing with the sounds of the river and nature below us. What went not so well was the welcoming of our therapists........very cold and for the price of a L’Occitane spa, was thoroughly disappointing. No mention of what the treatment was good for, no proper welcome or hello, overall ambience was very cold and felt like the therapist did not want to be there.

    After the massage we were lead back to the reception for our “bird nest” dinner. Finally we were escorted back down the hill to a very “unlit” venue. We had to request more candles because we could not see anything. The first thing our server told us when we sat down was “you need to finish and be out by 8:45PM...” - not exactly what you want to hear when you are seated...

    We went on to order a bottle of Moët champagne and when it arrived and opened it was totally flat! The manager was called and we had a bit of a back and forth about it and finally we convinced him to change it to something else. For 2 million rupiah you do expect something decent to drink... the food was absolutely questionable, the fish was so tough I think it was slaughtered a week ago and felt like the chef was going through a mid life crises or a divorce by the way everything could the fish be tougher than the beef?! Which btw my fiancé ordered “medium rare” but of course arrived well done. All the courses arrived lukewarm including the finale, which was a so called “melting chocolate fondant”, the chocolate sauce was poured over but the dessert never melted.......

    In a nutshell, unless they step up their game with both service and food I would NOT recommend this at all. Go to Kamandalu instead (candlelit dinner), we went last year and everything was on point and the food and service were spectacular.

    Barong has a lot of improvements to make. This is not cheap and is not worth its price tag. Visitors beware!!!!