An Idyllic Island of Mountains, Beaches, and Stars



An Idyllic Island of Mountains, Beaches, and Stars



An Idyllic Island of Mountains, Beaches, and Stars



An Idyllic Island of Mountains, Beaches, and Stars



An Idyllic Island of Mountains, Beaches, and Stars



While legend speaks of Kozushima-island as a gathering place of gods, this nature-rich island has something for everyone. Hikes along volcanic ridges and night dives amongst glowing plankton are perfect for serious adventurers. For a dream holiday, families can enjoy a mix of snorkeling, stargazing, hot springs, and delicious island cuisine.

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Tokyo's Natural Wonderland

Kozushima-island is an idyllic island located south of Japan’s Izu peninsula, part of the Tokyo Metropolis. Comprising part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, the abundance of nature on the island is a given. But as soon as you step onto its pristine white shores, Kozushima-island’s particular nature feels like a world of its own. From crystal-clear waters with glowing plankton to majestic volcanic mountains, the variety of landscapes, plants, and wildlife on this small island is staggering. Forests of pine trees stand in stark contrast to the snow-white beaches and obsidian-black cliffs. Hiking trails, scuba diving, and stargazing, are some of the few activities that families or couples can lose themselves in during their visit. Being its own little world, Kozushima-island has a 35,000-year-old history that is shrouded in folklore. Legend has it that long ago, gods gathered at the top of Mt. Tenjo to decide how water, the source of life, was to be divided amongst the Izu Islands. Indeed, locals speak of the sacred atmosphere in Kozushima-island — an island of nature, legend, and perhaps, after all, an island of gods.


Kozushima-island can be reached from Tokyo by plane, jet ferry, or large passenger ship. Take a 45-minute flight to the island from Tokyo Chofu Airport, which is a 1-hour train ride away from central Tokyo. For a cheaper but lengthier alternative, take a 4-hour high speed jet ferry from Tokyo Takeshiba Pier, which is a 30-minute train ride away from downtown Tokyo. For a different experience, take an overnight voyage aboard a large passenger ship: depart Takeshiba Pier in the evening and arrive on Kozushima-island the next morning. Once in Kozushima-island, getting about by a rented bicycle is a great way to explore the 6 km long and 4 km wide island. For a more laid back visit, there are local buses and taxis that you can hop onto, as well as various car rental options from stores near the port or town-center.



Kozushima-island offers a wide range of accommodation, whether it's for a large family looking for a traditional Japanese experience, or a couple searching for a hotel room with an ocean view. From beach houses to Japanese-style bed and breakfasts serving delicious traditional meals, choose the right place for a perfect stay. The island’s small size means that wherever you stay, you’ll be within reach of shops, restaurants, and recreational activities. The island also offers a reasonably priced paid campsite: Tako Bay Camp Ground lies at the foot of Mt. Tenjo. Here you can enjoy beautiful views.

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Recommended Itineraries

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Depart Chofu Airport for Kozushima-island

Arrive Kozushima-island at 9:30


Cook Like a Local Islander  arrow right

Learn how to cook traditional island cuisine from a local grandmother who is passionate about cooking.

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Make a Kozushima-island Sea Candle  arrow right

Get creative making your own sea candles to take home as a special souvenir.


Onsen Time

Enjoy onsen at Kozushima Hotspring Recreation Center.

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Taste Original Local Beers  arrow right

Visit a beer brewery and savor unique beers using water from the sacred Mt. Tenjo.


Fish With Local Fishermen  arrow right

Enjoy a local fishing experience in Kozushima-island’s clear waters.

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Enjoy a local restaurant


Pick up your sea candle

Enjoy Maehama Beach afterwards

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Next adventure

Head back to the city, stay on Kozushima-island, or explore more of the archipelago.

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