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Hi, I'm Philippe! A French man, from New Caledonia. I have worked in 5 star resorts, taught diving in Papua New Guinea, did 4 years on a private luxury yacht (Think VIP Millionaires), renovated appartments and boats all over the world.
Often worked in tourism related businesses before deciding to settle down in Phuket.
I arrived in Phuket in 2006, opened a travel agency/internet cafe/restaurant. During my first 5 years here, I realized the huge lack of quality tours in and around Phuket so I decided that the obvious choice was to operate the tour myself, ensuring that travelers to Phuket would have at least one amazing day which they remember for a long, long time.
Now highly ranked on a very famous internet travel site and with an excellent feed back from our clients we have decided to be more visible on the internet over some "platforms" like this site. Join our tour you will not regret it!!

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