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My name is Mari.
I am 25-years-old woman and working at a cafe&restaurant in Asakusa (very near Kaminarimon) .

And I plan unique events at my shop so visitors can stop by our cafe and enjoy traditional culture and get to know "real" japan.

Our cafe is run by 20's and 30's of young Japanese staffs and we all are very friendly .

I am good at English that much but some of us can speak English fluently. So please feel free to ask us anything.

I think that Asakusa is very attractive town for visitors to feel traditional Japan, but there is few places for visitors to be able to feel "local".
That's why I made a decision to plan a event that mixes up both aspects of traditional and local japanese culture. I also hope visitors to understand more about Japan and feel more familiar with our country through those events.

Of course you can use our cafe as a relaxing space if you are tired of exploring Asakusa. we provide you free Wi-Fi.

Our cafe is regularly open from 11:30AM-17:00PM, except Tuesday.
I am looking forward to seeing you at my shop^^

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