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My name is Jon Dale aka "Jonny Freesh". I'm originally from Canada and spent my life as an expatriate kid, living in Asia and Europe before returning to my home country for university. After I finished my formal education, I was drawn back to South East Asia, so I spent 9 months backpacking through various countries. At the end of my journey I was feeling sluggish, tired and unhealthy after a year of eating crappy fried food made with nutrient deprived ingredients. At the exact moment I needed to, I met a guy that introduced me to Raw Food and Juice Fasting.

The first thing I did when I got back to Canada was an 8 day Juice Fast and I never looked back. I instantly started eating a mostly raw diet and it completely changed my life. In a matter of weeks, I was healthier than I had been in a decade.

My journey lead me back to South East Asia, where the flourishing Raw Food and Health Community of Ubud beckoned me. I polished my Raw Food Freeshin (that means to make Raw Food - check it on Urban Dictionary) skills by taking Elaina Love's Pure Joy Academy Raw Chef Certification Course, then begun spreading the knowledge and skills I had acquired over the past year of complete Raw Food Immersion.

Now I teach people how to Freesh in an intimate setting. I focus on creating a healthy lifestyle with a High Raw Diet as a foundation in an easy, fun and creative manner.

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  • Marcin Marcin

    Discover Raw Food in an Intimate Setting

    Discover Raw Food in an Intimate Setting Raw food idea was popping out in my life a few times, but I never really got into it. After meeting Jon I'm seriously considering changing at least part of my diet to it! It was just pure magic - my brain, so accustomed to junk food, was happy eating green stuff and meat, that wasn't meat (...but it was meat!). Wow! Jon not only did his magic with food, he also turned out to be a great person, with passion, who I would just meet for a chat. Keep the Freesh!

  • Amanda Amanda

    Discover Raw Food in an Intimate Setting

    Discover Raw Food in an Intimate Setting Jon was an awesome host. I didn't know what to expect with the all-raw recipes but he completely changed my mind. His mock beef jerky was chock full of umami flavour and I just couldn't stop eating his green bean salad. I still remember that combination of fish sauce, sesame oil and light soy - delicious! Thanks Jon!

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