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Hi! I am Yūki from Voyagin. I'm originally from Fukuoka in Southern Japan, but moved to Tokyo when I was 18. As a previous exchange student in the U.S., I've made friends from around the world and am very familiar with helping guests experience the best of Japan! We spend a lot of time looking for unique and interesting activities through Voyagin, so let us help make your trip a memorable one!

I can help you arrange any number of activities, ranging from nightlife outings to behind-the-scenes sumo tours. Whatever you'd like to see or do in Japan, let me know and I will make it happen!

Come travel with us and we look forward to making your stay unforgettable!

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12 Reviews for Yuki

  • Takahashi Takahashi


    ベトナムで家庭料理を通して文化交流をしましょう ホストはアンさん!



  • Kavin Kavin

    April 4: Picnic Under Cherry Blossoms with the Voyagin Team

    April 4: Picnic Under Cherry Blossoms with the Voyagin Team It was a cold night under the Cherry Blossoms but Masashi and the crew of FindJpn made it a great night of fun and camaraderie. When even the sake wasn't enough to keep us warm we made our way to a German-themed hall with some food and drinks. Watching tiny Japanese girls trying to pull off wearing a dirndl convincingly was quite amusing!

  • Andy Andy

    Go to the Onsen theme-park in Tokyo

    Go to the Onsen theme-park in Tokyo This isn't quite an experience review, but Voyagin provided me with tickets to Ooedo Onsen Monogatari. I had some issues come up so I wasn't able to attend, but Voyagin provided the tickets with no hassle on my part! The showed up right to my first hostel on the first or second night I was there. Very easy! Yuki was very friendly and responsive throughout the whole process.

  • Ida Ida

    Explore process of making Japanese Sake

    Explore process of making Japanese Sake i went to the sake factory in Sawai. It was an incredible location, and Even though it was an hour outside tokyo it was totally worth it. The lecture itself is in Japanese though, but the scenery and the possibility of testing different Sake after the tour makes it worth while still

  • Jessica Jessica

    Go Shopping in popular Kitchin Town

    Go Shopping in popular Kitchin Town In the mood to channel your inner Martha Stewart or just interested in a uniquely Tokyo sightseeing experience? Welcome to Kitchen Town! This nook of Tokyo overflows with handmade traditional Japanese pottery, masterfully engraved knives, and even display foods seen at many local restaurants and all for a very reasonable price. Depending on your preference, we can book in advance a session to craft your own display food setting! The key to this two-hour experience is your bilingual guide that can navigate you through each shop and break down the language barrier with storeowners. So come enjoy Kitchen Town and let us help you find that special pottery set for you dining room or design your own display lasagna dish!

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