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Welcome to our sumo training experience! This is one of the only places where you can experience sumo training in Tokyo.

Sumo wrestling is an ancient Japanese Shinto ritual where sumo wrestlers wrestle on a dohyo ring.
Since dohyo is considered sacred, people other than sumo wrestlers rarely get to stand on it. However, we made it possible for everyone to join this rare and unique sumo experience!

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  • shuta shuta

    50% OFF Sumo Training Experience in Tokyo

    50% OFF Sumo Training Experience in Tokyo I and 2 of my friends joined this sumo experience. It was our first time and we totally enjoyed it! At first the sumos looked surly but they were friendly and entertaining. They told us how to do the traditional steps which was interesting yet very challenging. The good thing was we actually got to wear mawashi belts to feel what it was like to wrestle in it. We were surprised that there were many women participants. They shared short clips of us made that day and gave us a little souvenir. This is a MUST DO experience in Tokyo!

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