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We provide special lessons to experience Japanese traditional culture. Please enjoy our activities and get special memories of Your travel in Japan.

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  • Victoria Victoria

    3 Cultural Experiences at a 300-Year-Old Miyajima Zen Temple

    3 Cultural Experiences at a 300-Year-Old Miyajima Zen Temple My mum and I booked this as our Christmas present to each other for our trip to Japan, and I'm so happy we did! It was one of the best mornings that we had on our holiday, and was a really fantastic way to try some new experiences for a really really good price.
    All 3 of the women who helped and taught us that morning were so lovely and so friendly: we felt really welcomed and they were happy to answer any questions we had about the experiences. They were very sweet and we had such nice conversations with them - no awkward moments!
    The morning starts off with wearing a traditional style kimono. They help you pick out colours and tie it properly for you - it was so cool to try it on and be shown all the different aspects involved! After that, Amy showed us how to do a traditional tea ceremony and made our own tea. She walked us through all the different aspects and meanings, as well as the proper etiquette involved, which was really fascinating.
    After that, we took a calligraphy course, which was so much fun! We used the traditional brushes and paper, and were showed how to hold the brushes correctly. We wrote oru favourite kanji and got to take it home nicely wrapped up!
    Finally, we had a cooking lesson. This was really sweet and we got the chance to chat properly to our hosts. We also got to eat what we made which served for a good lunch! The ladies took lots of photos for us throughout, and have sent them over, which we really appreciate.
    Overall, I cannot recommend this enough. It was honestly one of the best parts about going to Japan and we walked away very much smiling and gushing about how nice it was. We'd like to say thank you very much to everyone working on that day too for making it so special!

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