Sushi Sho (すし匠)

Sushi Sho (すし匠)

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Hi we are Sushi Sho (すし匠) Look forward to meeting you!

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  • william william

    Reservation for Sushi Sho, Tokyo

    Reservation for Sushi Sho, Tokyo This review is for sushi harutaka.
    for starters, this restaurant was one of the few sushi restaurants that we were able to communicate in english with ease.
    My friend and i planned a last minute trip to Japan, and wanting to try Harutaka from various reviews but not knowing how to reserve a seat; voyaging made our last minute planning easy; we booked, showed up, got seated and enjoyed our meal.
    To get a reservation at a two star restaurant overseas, from my other experience, is this a much harder task than it sounds and this service definitely made our trip a whole lot easier.

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